Stay Glowing with the Right Serum this Summer

Stay Glowing with the Right Serum this Summer

Serums can be confusing. It can be difficult trying to figure out which serum should be applied first and how many you can layer on top of each other. Choosing the right serum for your skin can be confusing but luckily we are here to help. 


Nowadays, serums are everywhere.They are the second step in your at-home skincare routine because their small molecular composition allows for deep penetration right into your pores. There’s a lot of confusion about serums, however, and the reality is that they are not so easy to understand -- not because their formulations are difficult or complex, but because there’s very little consistency in terms of their ingredients. There are so many different serums out there that it’s hard to say what you should look for and what you should avoid. 


Joanna always recommends applying a serum in your am and pm routine. After you cleanse, immediately apply your serum. Serums are highly active, so applying right after you cleanse, helps you achieve your specific skin goals. 


We have 5 serums to choose from! 


Daily Serum: Our Daily Serum can be used AM or PM or both. This serum is nourishing for all skin types, even acne prone skin. 

Eden Rejuvenating Pro Serum: Our new Eden Rejuvenating Pro Serum can be used AM or PM or both. This serum is an anti-aging kickstarter for all skin types.

Rescue Serum: Our Rescue Serum should be used in the AM. This serum is Vitamin C packed to brighten your skin. Formulated for all skin types except oily skin.

Supernova Serum: Our Super Nova Serum is our retinol serum that is made to be used at nighttime only. This serum reduces visible imperfections with it’s retinol. This serum is for all skin types. 

Rejuvenating Serum: Our Rejuvenating Serum can be used AM or PM. This serum is Moisturizing & oil-based for dry skin. 


Serums can be used either day or night (or both), and often one can be used in combination with another. Apply a serum on fresh, damp skin within a minute of cleansing. Serums will have your skin thanking you for using them.