Spotlight on Vitamin C

Spotlight on Vitamin C

Glowing skin might seem easy to achieve with endless amounts of makeup and beauty products, but to really achieve that glow-from-within look, you need to put in the extra effort every day.

As the warmer summer months approach we tend to reach for our lightweight serums, cleansers, and moisturizers featuring our favorite skincare ingredient – Vitamin C.

The first product in our daily am + pm routines is our Vitamin C Face Wash. This non-drying cleanser erases dirt, daily pollutants, excess oil, and makeup from the skin. It’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins to help revitalize and balance the skin. To use, combine 1-2 pumps with lukewarm water and massage the cleanser in circular motions for 45-60 seconds before rinsing or wiping with a washcloth for a deeper exfoliation.

Next, we like to apply our brightening facial serum - Rescue Serum. This is a concentrated Vitamin C serum that is crafted with antioxidants and Vitamins E + C. Pump 1-2 drops onto clean, dry skin to hydrate, brighten, and boost radiance.

Daily use of Vitamin C is extremely vital before exposing your skin to the hot summer sun to help reduce the appearance of aging and provide antioxidant protection. Our Vitamin C Face Wash and Rescue Serum are the perfect summer skin essentials for keeping your skin clean, bright and nourished. Not only will your skin be protected but you'll be able to achieve that natural balanced glow!


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