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Spa Etiquette: What's The Normal Time Frame I Should Expect To Be Left In The Room Alone?

Spa Etiquette: What's The Normal Time Frame I Should Expect To Be Left In The Room Alone?
face mask on for what felt like an eternity during their facial appointment. So what is the normal time frame that you should be left alone in a room when you have a mask on during your facial? Spa Etiquette And What To Expect From Your Facialist 16075407_m I love it when clients ask me questions during their spa treatments. The more we can discuss her issues, what she likes, what she doesn't like and how things feel, the better I can be at giving her the skin she has always wanted. Finding out what is needed is essential with a new client but is equally important with your regulars. Why? Because the skin is a living organ and can change rapidly depending on certain conditions. You don't want to do things by rote but by what the skin needs. This is something I teach my estheticians so they know how to customize your facials for your particular needs. Some clients hate the time when the mask goes on because it seems that they have been forgotten by their facialist. When The Mask Goes On I never like leaving a client during the time when the mask goes on. Why? I want to be attentive to anything they might need during that time. I found that most people will sleep or relax during this time but a few will want you there. This is part of customer service and if this is something you need, the esthetician should know about it. When you hear the mask being prepared, it's entirely appropriate to say. "What are you mixing for me?" Or, you can simply say, "I have always wanted to know how long a mask is supposed to sit on the skin for!" A mask should be on the face for an average of ten minutes. Maybe a facialist will want it to sit for longer if you had lots of extractions or if your skin is sensitive and red. In an hour facial, it shouldn't be sitting any longer than that. Being left alone for five minutes is relaxing. Being left alone for longer is not ok. If someone makes you feel like you can't talk or you shouldn't be asking questions, then you need a new facialist! More Spa Etiquette How can I avoid the hard sell when my facialist has a list of 'recommended products' I should buy after a treatment? There is a difference between an honest recommendation and hard sell, and this is something you will probably be able to spot the difference in. An honest recommendation will only be the products you need-or are missing from your regimen-versus a whole, entire skincare line that will probably replace everything you are using now. When I have a new client I always ask what are they using at home. I mostly recommend that they finish something before switching unless I know for a fact that a different product will be better for them. How can I tell? I can see a difference in their skin right away and most savvy clients know too. If you are not looking to purchase any products after your treatment, simply tell the facialist you are not interested. Your facialist should respect your decision and only give recommendations when you are ready. Why You Need An At Home Skin Care Routine A facial could be the heavy workout at the gym while the skincare routine could be the diet. If you get regular facials or get them once in a while you should also have a skincare routine at home. Why? Because your at home routine will supplement the benefits you got from the facial and in fact keep your skin in better shape. A smart facialist should recommend and at home routine and give you the reasons why. If you know those are aspects that you would like to work on for your skin, then, it should be an easy decision to make. I hope these tips on spa etiquette were helpful and if you have any particular ones that you would like me to cover please let me know. And as always, I look forward to seeing you at the salon where you will be dazzled by how great your skin looks. Call now for your appointments at 212.949.2350. Sincerely, JOANNA VARGAS Joanna Vargas Skin Care ]>>

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