Skin #Goals

Skin #Goals

Solve your skincare woes and score an insta-worthy complexion with our tips to #GlowBrighter.



Smooth skin reflects the most light, so cleanse thoroughly to remove makeup, grime, and pollutants daily. Our Vitamin C Face Wash gently purifies and washes away built-up impurities while producing a gradual brightening effect but for a super-fast fix, pop into one of our salons in NY + LA for a Supernova Facial to exfoiliate dead skin cells, contour, and de-puff facial features while creating an instant glow, stat!


Increased sweating and oil production clogs pores. Incorporate a gentle (but mighty!) exfoliator like our Exfoliating Mask into your regimen twice a week to reduce pesky flareups in one step. The key ingredients in this mask, fruit-derived enzymes, and Volcanic Ash, kill breakout-causing bacteria and dissolve pore-clogging dead skin. If you have red marks or hyperpigmentation from zits, swing by for a Power Peel to regenerate new healthy skin with a combo of LED light and pure oxygen therapy that requires no downtime.


A healthy diet and exercise are vital to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but products and spa treatments can aid in the quest to look like a glowing goddess! Reach for our Ritual Brush to exfoliate dead skin cells, diminish the appearance of cellulite and stimulate circulation, which are the building blocks of smoother and firmer skin around the jiggly bits of the body – thighs, bum, and love handles. Start at your toes and work your way up using long circular motions towards the heart. Looking for an extra dose of self-love? Come take a rejuvenating wellness nap in our LED red light bed.