Should I Use A Natural Sunscreen To Protect My Skin From the Sun?


Sunscreens are very common during the hot summer sun but it’s not only applicable and useful on those specific times of the year, rather in any given time that we are exposed to extreme sunlight we can use sunscreens. It is commonly known as well as sun block, it comes in two different categories, first one will be chemical and the other is physical.

Chemical and Physical

The two basically differs in the way it protects our skin from UV rays. Chemical usually contains ingredients like Paba and Benzophenone and works in such a way the it absorbs the sun’s rays. Physical on the other hand, functions in a way that it reflects the sun’s rays instead of absorbing it and physical sunscreens are made up of the minerals, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Skin Reaction

In recent studies, they have learned that the skin easily absorbs anything we put on it. So the train of thought in this scenario is whenever we use chemical sunscreen on our skin there is a possibility that the chemicals in the sunscreen are absorbed by the body. So in other words the more we use the sunscreen the greater exposure we have to these chemicals which in the long run may have harmful effects.

Natural Sunscreens

Being under the sun is such a wonderful thing to do, going to the beach on a nice summer day or for other folks that use sunscreen on a daily basis for other reasons or even just the folks who use it sparingly during sunny days without going to the beach, either way it would be prudent to be safe. Chemicals foreign to the body are never a good thing in constant doses above our natural bodily tolerance against these materials. So as to not be hindered any unwanted chemical reaction. Natural alternatives for sunscreens would be a good choice. In the way it functions, not using chemicals to protect our skin it had to turn to zinc oxide and titanium oxide because these minerals are not absorbed by the skin, much to the contrary it just sits on top of the skin and acts as some sort of shield, deflecting sun rays instead of absorbing it.

In the earlier years, physical sunscreens are white in color and when we see that, it’s an instant “no can do” dude! But rest easy because newer technology has come up with lighter and clearer versions of it. So with no reason to let our skin be harmed by UV rays we would be able to enjoy the sunny days better, after all it would be a shame to let such days go to waste.

Tips on looking for the best Natural Sunscreen

First thing to consider is a sunscreen that has a broad spectrum, meaning it should be able to protect against different UV rays like UVA, UVB and even UVC if possible. Second, it should have the ability to maintain a consistent level of protection. Third would be, having biodegradable ingredients because some chemicals on these sunscreens when washed into the water can harm aquatic wild life.

Protecting your skin is important, but dont just put any kind of sunscreen on your skin, use only natural safe sunscreen to protect the skin, the environment, and your health. -Darrell Miller, VitaNet, LLC