Shine with Supernova Body Treatment

Shine with Supernova Body Treatment

     If you are reading this, odds are you have mastered a skincare routine, wash your face every day, and may have even visited us for a facial or two. But did you know that you should be showing your body the same love as your skin?

     Joanna specially crafted new body treatments, now offered at both our Los Angeles Spa at the Sunset Tower Hotel and our New York City Salon on Fifth Avenue. The Supernova Body Treatment is one of our newest treatments that shows love to your skin from shoulder to toe. 

     Inspired by our celeb-favorite Supernova Facial, we incorporate the same skin-loving steps and techniques to bring out a hydrated glow all over.

 The Supernova Body Treatment Includes: 

  • A full body aqua peel which gently removes dead skin cells and softens skin’s surface. This aqua peel contains glycolic acid and helps infuse various vitamins and nutrients into the skin. Your skin will feel baby soft! 
  • Next we use a nourishing body oil that helps calm the skin after the exfoliation from the aqua peel and hydrates all over.
  • We then follow with (our personal favorite) full body Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy soothes inflammation, reduces redness and tightens the skin in a flash by boosting cellular activity. 
  • Lastly, we then finish up with a brightening Oxygen treatment. This infuses the skin with Joanna’s special blend of green tea, vitamin, aloe and hyaluronic acid serum to nourish the skin for an extended and revitalized glow. 

      The results after the Supernova Body Treatment are softer, more glowing, dewier skin with next-level hydration that makes the skin shine all over.

 “The Supernova Body Treatment is for people who want a quick exfoliation and super hydration into the skin, and is especially good for those with sensitive skin.” – Joanna