Best Rosacea Skin Care Daily Regimen

Best Rosacea Skin Care Daily Regimen

If you are someone who struggles with Rosacea, you might be wondering what is the best skincare daily regimen for you? What products are best, which treatments are recommended, and ways you can treat it every day? Luckily, we’re here to help.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a very common inflammatory skin condition, where your skin flares up, normally looking like an enhanced blush, but it can lead to very irritated skin causing bumps or puss. Typically, things like stress, certain foods, sweat, or alcohol can bring it out the worse. Commonly it is mistaken for eczema or an allergic reaction. It is also not restricted to just the face. Some people may see dry patches or rough skin on their arms, neck, and chest. It can be treated by a doctor, and there are things you can do daily to help soothe the redness. 

Rosacea Daily Skincare Routine

     Colder months are approaching, and Rosacea can be worse in the Winter. Colder air can make the skin drier and more compromised- making the skin more sensitive to flare-ups. Here are some products you can add to your skincare routine to help with rosacea:

  1. Find a moisturizer best suited for you. Look for ones with ingredients that help calm the skin like avocado oil, green tea, or olive oil. 
  2. Cut down on exfoliating to just once a week, as this can dry out your skin quicker. 
  3. Avoid scrubs for your face since they can be rough on your skin and always dry with a soft fabric cloth.
  4. Incorporate an oil-based serum into your rosacea skincare daily regimen, to help soothe any troubled skin. This will help calm your daily rosacea.
  5. Be sure to apply and reapply, SPF daily, since heat can be a major trigger in activating rosacea.

Because rosacea comes and goes, it is important to be consistent with your skin care regimen and following up with your doctor. Pay close attention to ingredients in products and keep a journal of what works best for you, what foods you eat, and what might trigger it. 

Tools & Treatments to Help Rosacea:

Investing in a humidifier is one tool you can add to your rosacea skin care routine. A humidifier will help minimize the dry air that causes dry, itchy skin and provide more moisture to the room. Ranging in price, you can find one suitable for your budget and it will help bring your calming skin back. Another good way to treat rosacea is with Joanna’s newest beauty tool, winner of Allure’s best of beauty, the Magic Glow Wand, It is another way to soothe angered skin. The cool setting on the device helps calm your skin and mimics a cryotherapy treatment used in the salon. It will also help deepen the ingredients of your moisturizer, serum, or sheet mask into your skin for faster results. 

If you are looking for an effective treatment to help with your daily or occasional rosacea, try our LED light therapy bed at our New York City salon on 5th Ave or our Los Angeles salon at the Sunset Tower Hotel. One session of this 20-minute treatment helps restore strength to the skin by building collagen and helps heal the whole body from head to toe. It will reveal calmer and glowing skin. Add regular treatments to your rosacea skin care regimen for long-lasting results. You can book your appointment at either salon by emailing the NYC salon at or the LA salon at Find more information on the LED light bed here.