Replenish Skin Moisture the Hawaiian Way

the ultimate skin conditioner, that soothes and protects from UV damage due to sun exposure. The oil has long treated surf and turf worn skin after beach frolicking. Maybe there is something more to those lovely packages you get as Hawaiian souvenirs? Dripping in chocolate or lightly roasted with sea salt: macadamia nuts. It takes religious discipline to resist those wonderfully fatty treats from the pacific islands. The taste is heavenly but more importantly they pack potent benefits for your skin. What is palmitoleic acid? It is an omega 7 fatty acid that offers hefty antioxidant strength that protects skin from environmental pollutants and other free radicals. This fatty acid enhances the function and performance of cell membranes enabling them to endure environmental damage. Palmitoleic acid is also antimicrobial shielding epidermal tissue from airborne toxic microorganisms. Our bodies naturally produce this source of omega 7, but production wanes as we age. Applying macadamia oil replenishes this essential fatty acid for healthy glowing skin. The palmitoleic acid provided by macadamia oil nourishes your skin so intensely, the signs of premature aging are significantly decreased. Research has shown the oil to actually reverse the aging process as it thoroughly hydrates epidermal tissue. Its light-weight non-greasy consistency makes it perfect for topical use as a moisturizer. This oil repairs dry flaking skin leaving it velvety smooth and flawless. Some other benefits to using macadamia nut oil as your skin moisturizer of choice: Contains vitamin E to diminish blemishes and improve texture Easily absorbed for intense moisturizing Gives skin luster without greasy residue Has emollient properties for maintaining cellular strength for a healthy complexion Macadamia oil can be stored up to 2 years without going rancid Nourishes the skin with its rich protein content Makes maturing skin more supple Macadamia Oil Healing Facial Try combining 2 tablespoons of ripe organic banana with a teaspoon of macadamia oil. Apply the mixture to freshly cleansed skin for up to15 minutes for complete absorption of nutrients. Rinse with lukewarm water, pat dry and apply an organic moisturizer with sufficient SPF. These two natural enriching ingredients will saturate the pores with lush healing hydration for skin that can endure the elements beautifully. Whether you choose to include this rich oil as part of your diet or your skincare regimen, you will discover the many remarkable benefits of macadamia nut oil as positively visually apparent. Your skin will be soft and more refined with a smooth ageless texture.]>>