Relaxing Retreats: Industry Insiders Share Favorite Spas & Treatments By Sarah Wu (@makeupmorsels) We like to think of Friday as spa pre–planning day, a time to sit down and quietly ponder which beauty treatments to try each weekend. And if there’s one thing we’ve realized along the way, it’s that there’s no such thing as too much relaxation. To get the scoop on the latest in pampering, I recently caught up with celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas to chat about some of her favorite facials. “I designed this treatment myself, so it’s only available in my salon,” she says, “But My Triple Crown Facial is something I recommend once a month. I use a mild electric current to drain puffiness, tone muscle and tighten skin. There’s no downtime, people love the instant effect, and effects are cumulative. My celebrity clients love it before a shoot.” slide-2-spa-retreat-mandarin-oriental-640x480 For those in search of something slightly more relaxing, try the Power Peel, the facial Vargas does on Emma Stone to give her that coveted red carpet glow. “It’s a blueberry peel plus LED and oxygen,” she explains, “It resurfaces skin and cleans out the tissue. The oxygen and light make you glow for weeks after!” Naturally, I had to ask her where she likes to go for a weekend spa session. And she didn’t just reveal her favorite spot (conveniently located in Manhattan), she also shared the best treatment to get there: one detox treatment you’ll want to try immediately. “My favorite spa in NYC is the Mandarin Oriental. I love their Clearing Factor (from $675), developed by my dear friend Wafa Cunningham.” Since it wouldn’t do to add only one spa to your list, I also caught up with jewelry designer Venessa Arizaga and dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi to get their favorite treatments—the latter told me about the “invigorating après–summer scrub” that combines citrus–infused beads with an application of hydrating cream. Check out their picks in the slideshow above, and let us know which treatment you’ll be trying soon in the comments below. To see the insiders pick please click on the link above.]>>