Reese Witherspoon’s Sweetheart Radiance

We’ve appreciated her willingness to take on the silly geek roles as well as the sumptuous ones. All the while, Reese’s noticeably sculpted jaw-line never escaping notice. Most recognized for her lead role in Legally Blonde earlier in her 20-year career, she’s grown into maturity with Water for Elephants. She is the ambitious over-achiever of Hollywood actresses owning her own production company Type A Films. How on earth does she keep it all in check and maintain what appears to be naturally beautiful skin? I somehow figured the bags and dark circles would creep in there for a tired mamma, but Reese keeps it all fabulously together. She maintains a regular exercise routine to keep her physique slim and her skin flawless by eliminating toxins from the body through pure sweat. After a jog the blood has higher levels of oxygen that are brought to the skin and carries more nutrients to it, while eliminating waste far more easily. This is definitely one of the secrets of this silver screen icon to ensure and emit a youthful radiance. And like many of her conscientious contemporaries, she juggles family, profession and philanthropy while presenting the media with her “girly girl” brand of glamour. She has was the first Global Ambassador for Avon’s charitable organization, spreading awareness and offering support for afflictions affecting women ranging from domestic violence to breast cancer. How’s that for a “sweetheart?” Beauty Passed Down? As Reese looks back on what advice she’d wished her mother and grandmother had imparted: “use more sunscreen!” Why hadn’t they thought to pass that along? Many reports state that sun damage is the number one reason for aged or damaged skin. She counts sun protection and a regular skin care routine as two of her best beauty tips. From the looks of it this bit of belated knowledge has worked to her advantage. On her dash out the door, her tendency is the quick 5-minute makeup fix. With two children, Miss Witherspoon stresses the importance of ease and speed for applying makeup. She prefers to keep it simple, essentially leaning toward a more natural look on those regular days. “I’m lucky to have other people who worry about how I look. That’s pretty nice,” says the bright faced beauty in her recent Marie Claire interview. It’s especially great to have a professional eye to handle the details when the paparazzi swarm the red carpet. Reese On the Run… Witherspoon commits more time to discussing her charitable work then her beauty and skincare regimen in her many interviews. Which is not surprising considering her devotion to women’s and children’s issues globally, now serving on the board of the Children’s Defense Fund. It’s no wonder she has that sincere glow given what she shares with the world—her “sweetheart” inner light. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK AND GET $50 OFF WHEN YOU LIKE OUR PAGE. JUST LET US KNOW YOU DID WHEN BOOKING YOUR APPOINTMENTS. NOT ON FACEBOOK? FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND YOU GET $50 OFF.]>>