Red Hot Chili Peppers for Optimal Health And Beautiful Skin

Consider this: that bunch of marvelous chilies, in a healthy dose, can rid your body of toxins and flush your pores clean with an instant sweat. While on your off the beaten path traveling journey chilies are known to be an excellent way to ward off ingesting dysentery inducing bacteria in food, along with tequila but that’s another article for another time. Spices in this way are medicinal for digestion and have the ability to ward off ills when included in preparation of the tastiest meals whether it’s Thai or Mexican or Guyanese dishes you prefer. Cayenne Pepper The home remedies overflow for cayenne from treating sore throats to stimulating blood circulation: our lovely southern bell of chilies is the cure all of folk tales. Many have used this to naturally treat mild high blood pressure, reduce fever, and clear sinuses. Cayenne can be found in tincture form for medicinal purposes such as these. Habanero You may have heard horrific tales of contests to see who can consume the most habaneros. Porque no! A crazy diabolical idea, that for some spells death. But in healthful doses this chili has enormous benefits. Think of what you hope to achieve for healthy skin in a sauna or hot spring. Chilis essentially give you that treatment over a meal. The varying degrees of heat pass through your body stimulating the release of toxins from the core of your body by way of opening pores. Sweating signifies an internal cleanse of the body for improved health. All of the residual gunk flows out and our skin can breathe easily with now unclogged pores. Everyone loves salsa, but chili rellenos will always be my favorite southwest comfort food: huge succulent chilis stuffed with oozing melted cheese with a light crispy outer crust. While it may not sound like the healthy choice you will soon understand the full benefits of the one chili meal (con cerveza) once you’ve sucked one down while a Mexicana croons drippy ballads with a three-piece mariachi band in the background. On this small dirt roadside attraction you will learn how healthfully penetrating the chili experience really is.]>>