Prep Your Skin For Memorial Day

Prep Your Skin For Memorial Day

     Memorial Day Weekend- The kick off of the summer, the start of fun weekends at the beach, pool and BBQ’s. Basically, the one weekend we all look forward to. But, let’s not forget our skin changes with every season, different temperatures, and different locations so we’re here with some of Joanna’s tips to prepare you for this weekend and to help your skin throughout the summer season.

 Joanna’s Four Tips

1. Incorporate Vitamin C into your daily skincare regimen to prevent the appearance of dark spots from the face to your décolletage. Try our Rescue Serum for an instant skincare gratification- a brighter, firmer and a smoother complexion. It’s super light and goes on silky smooth, perfect for hot or humid weather.


2. Treat your skin to a Clear + Brilliant Facial. This minimally invasive laser treatment replaces damaged skin with healthy tissue for younger looking skin. We also use cryotherapy to reduce inflammation, increase oxygenation and boost the skin’s metabolism. You can book this facial exclusively at our New York City flagship spa.

3. Apply SPF every single day to shield the skin from harmful UV rays, even inside. Remember to reapply every 2 hours and every 90 minutes after the pool or ocean. 

 4. Reverse redness with a Twilight Face Mask. This bamboo sheet masks deep conditions the skin to temporarily alleviate any redness caused by the sun and boosts hydration levels within minutes. It’s a great additive to any skincare routine throughout the summertime.

     Don’t forget to stay on top of your skincare routine all summer long. Keep up with your facial appointments and be sure to treat your skin while you're in the sun or traveling. And don’t forget to bring your SPF everywhere you go.