Pre & Post Travel Spa Checklist

Pre & Post Travel Spa Checklist

This year's travel season is in full swing! Whether you're jetting off to Europe or backpacking through the Rockies, we've got the solutions to keep your skin glowing from head to toe. After all, the photos are worth a thousand memories, right? 


You've got your outfits, sun-shielding hats, and shoes you can walk in, but how prepped is your skin? Book a day at Joanna Vargas LA or NYC to perfect your glow before stepping foot in an airport, so you won't have to worry about looking great after getting through TSA.

✔️ Golden Glow Sunless Tan - Glow up safely with our nourishing tanning formula, complete with a full body exfoliation beforehand for a seamless bronze.
✔️ Triple Crown Facial - The ultimate pre-event facial to hydrate and lift without going under the knife or needle.
✔️ Tone Up Massage - Our lymphatic drainage massage designed to move excess body fluid away from target areas for better-fitting vacay clothes.


The first few days after getting back from vacation can be hard, but your skin doesn't have to suffer. If you've flown, your skin will likely be dehydrated and your muscles might ache from long periods in cramped transport. We have the solution to all of these concerns, in one luxe day at Joanna Vargas Spas:

✔️ Thai Massage - The perfect massage to stretch and massage out the stresses of travel.
✔️ SuperNova Facial - Our ultra-hydrating facial, always necessary after dehydrating flights and those extra few piña coladas.
✔️ Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber - Re-oxygenate and repair your cells in a relaxing session to balance your body and mind.


Pre-book your appointments for peace of mind, and treat yourself to an experience better than a free upgrade. Learn more or book now for Los Angeles or New York.