Oxygen Facial: The Way To Get Glowing Skin

Oxygen facial as the best way to say good-bye to a host of your biggest beauty problems. This is a deep cleansing facial that deals with blackheads, clogged pores, dry skin or dehydrated skin. Ms. Vargas feels that this is the easiest way to get natural glowing skin as this spa treatment is customized for your specific skin type. Oxygen facial benefits are not limited to what is described above as they help with a youthful looking glow and can be gotten even if you have sensitive skin. Watch the video to learn more. Joanna Vargas has local spas in New York City and Los Angeles. Call 212.949.2350 or email salon@joannavargas.com for NYC or call 310.424.5141 or email jvla@joannavargas.com for LA.