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Oil To Quench Your Body's Thirst

Oil To Quench Your Body's Thirst
The benefits of applying oils to the hair and skin can be visually stunning and naturally balancing. It’s so easy to custom make these oils for your personal use whether you have ultra dry hair or sensitive skin. Additionally I choose essential oils (scents) like sweet orange, vanilla, and lavender depending on my mood to soothe or invigorate my spirit. And by combining and applying a mixture of essence of vanilla, sweet orange, and olive oil to my hair I can maintain a calm mood in stressful situations. I can apply that same delicious mixture to my skin and face in winter months even though I have somewhat oily skin. The combination seems to balance out the natural oils of my skin and creates a glow when applied in small amounts. If you garden or have dry herbs like lavender you can drown sprigs of it in olive oil to use on dry hair and to also calm the spirit. Or you can throw in dried orange rind or rose petals to create your own beautiful oil. In the smallest amounts these oils give hair gorgeous sheen. If you are into hot oil treatments you can apply your favorite essential oil with heated olive oil to your hair before you wash your hair for maximum moisturizing. If you are into alternative medicine the many healing qualities of oils make them a must-have for your medicine cabinet. Before bed, a small amount of tea tree oil is a great way to diminish blemishes on the skin, especially the face. The smell is a bit intense, so it’s better mixed with vitamin E oil for nighttime application. On the yucky side, when mixed with vitamin E or almond oil, thyme helps eliminate lice if you have kids at home. A mother’s remedy: nutmeg oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and reduces pain when applied directly to the affected area. St. John’s Whort in oil form is great to apply to scrapes after that next stumble reducing the appearance of scars on your skin. Organic oil varieties are best and easy to find on-line and in local markets. You can buy your favorite oil base like olive or sesame oil (that are more affordable when bought in bulk supply) and make several personalized oil scents for your skin and hair. Let’s not forget your favorite oil is a must for a truly relaxing bath. Depending on the oil you choose you can boost and enhance your mood with just a few drops of your favorite oil added to a warm bath. Coconut oil is an eternal favorite that has some of the richest healing properties for your skin and the aromatherapy is tropical heaven. Neem oil can be rubbed into areas of the skin after the bath to boost your immunity, and has the added benefit of being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. You can transport yourself to the far reaches with exotic oils like jasmine, avocado nut, and passion fruit for the body and face during and after your home spa bath. Your thirst will be quenched!]>>

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