Non-Invasive Face Lift in a Facial

Non-Invasive Face Lift in a Facial

The Forever Facial at Joanna Vargas NYC features radio frequency to distribute energy throughout the skin, which creates a warmth to stimulate your body to produce more collagen.

“Honestly, radio frequency treatment is as close to a non-invasive face lift as I have ever seen.” - Joanna Vargas. 

Of course, non-invasive means it's not a magic solution, but as part of a series it really works, and it's one of the technologies Joanna has been most excited about in the recent years.

Radio Frequency is not new as a concept, it's one of the many frequencies that can be found on the electromagnetic spectrum. It exists as radio waves, Wi-Fi, television signals and more. But in cosmetic treatments, compared to other forms of radio frequency, the wavelength per seconds is quite low. Think, one billion times less powerful than an X-ray. It's amazing because it still produces healing heat without the more powerful negative effects of other frequencies. 

In the spa, we use a small handheld wand that distributes comfortably warm energy throughout the skin - including your cheeks, eyes, noes, neck and chin. The warmth heats the dermis and subdermis which stimulates collagen production. This creates 20% more collagen in each session vs what you would normally produce. Also, it pushes together the collagen fibers, which helps to thicken the skin, giving immediate results like looking more plump, more lifted, and firmer, while over time collagen increases to create a semi-permanent lifted effect.

If you're concerned about a part of your body that sags or looks dimpled no matter how much you exercise, radio frequency might be a good solution for you. We have radio frequency body treatments as well! 

It’s non-invasive and pain-free, with very little down time. Because of the heat, you might have some redness for up to an hour after the facial that will fade. 

The wonderful benefit of our Forever Facial is that it works on all ages and skin types. For maximum results, Joanna recommends booking 1x per week for 8 weeks, then maintaining every few months thereafter. At minimum, radio frequency should be done twice a year. 

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