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New Year, New You

New Year, New You
Wash Your Face Twice a Day For most of us, this seems like common sense, but even the most regimented of us can admit to falling asleep without washing our faces every now and then. Especially when you live in a city, washing your face before bed is extremely important – all the dirt, grime, and carcinogens you encounter throughout the day stick to your skin (and, more importantly, embed themselves in your pores) on a microscopic level. Meaning that until you wash them off, they can stimulate harsh reactions within your skin. Additionally, when you go to bed without clean skin, you run the risk of having all those icky substances rub off onto your sheets and pillowcases, increasing their staying power. Beyond just cleansing the skin, Joanna recommends exfoliating two or three nights a week to really purge the skin of any lingering free radicals that have attached themselves to your skin throughout the day. Products to try: Vitamin C Face Wash (Joanna Vargas, $40), Exfoliating Mask (Joanna Vargas, $75) Incorporate Retinol into Your Daily Routine Retinol, a Vitamin A derivative, is the single most researched ingredient on the web for skincare and has become a championed remedy by dermatologists and skincare professionals worldwide for its acne-fighting and anti-aging benefits. As we age, our skin cells regenerate at a slower and slower rate. Retinol, A powerful antioxidant, retinol helps reduce the apperance of wrinkles, very effectively unplugs your follicles, and exfoliates your skin cells to keep pores clear of dead skin and debris. Adding a retinol serum or cream to your nighttime routine will give your skin the kickstart it needs to regenerate skin cells and add a youthful glow and vitality to the skin. Products to try: Super Nova Serum (Joanna Vargas, $295) Wear Sunscreen Every Day (Even in the Winter!) We all know sunscreen helps protect against the sun’s damaging rays. But despite this, not everyone wears it regularly – and what’s more, even among those who do wear sunscreen, most aren’t using it correctly. Sunscreen should be worn every day, even in the winter (the effects of sun rays bouncing off snow can be as bad or worse than direct sunlight in the summer). Additionally, sunscreen should be applied at least 30 minutes prior to stepping out into the sunlight – this gives the sunscreen time to absorb deep into the skin and render the necessary level of protection. Finally, be sure to layer products made with antioxidants underneath your sunscreen. While most sunscreen is created with antioxidants, they can quickly lose their potency when exposed to the sunlight. Products like our Daily Hydrating Cream and Daily Serum are both great for protecting your skin against sunlight and free radicals. For a full list of Joanna Vargas products to wear underneath sunscreen, click HERE. Products to try: MD Solar Sciences Sunscreen (prices vary) ]>>

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