New Spa Bundle! Red Carpet Bride

New Spa Bundle! Red Carpet Bride

Getting our clients wedding-day ready on schedule is a top priority at Joanna Vargas Spas. Joanna expertly crafted the RED CARPET BRIDE series - a three month program to prepare your skin for your big day. We focus on both instant and long-term hydration, lifting, smoothing, and collagen production to help you achieve your most perfect skin, so you’ll love your wedding day makeup and pictures forever.

We start with an Oxygen Purifying Facial to deeply cleanse and detox the skin, removing blackheads and any pore debris to create a clean palette to progress from. Then, Triple Crown Facials tighten muscles on the face and jawline, while firming skin long-term through collagen and elastin production for a series of six weeks. Relaxation Pod and LED Bed sessions are interchanged to heal your skin from head to toe, using 98% pure oxygen and NASA developed red light to promote the growth of newer healthy cells, repair scars and imperfections, and tighten skin all over - like a smoothing filter for your body. The week of your wedding you’ll receive our ultimate red-carpet ready facial, the Triple Crown Royale, a 90 minute session using the most advanced non-invasive lifting technology to create a facelift effect. You’ll be the most glowing, lifted, and radiant version of yourself.

3 Triple Crown Facials: This efficacious facial hydrates, oxygenates (for a brightening effect), produces collagen, and most importantly lifts the face using pro-grade microcurrent.

1 Oxygen Purifying Facial: A deeply cleansing and purifying facial using the power of oxygen and extractions.

1 Triple Crown Royale Facial: Features extended forms of microcurrent, including an electronic lifting mask over a customized sheet mask to penetrate serum deeply while firming your facial muscles, and hand-sculpting the face with microcurrent gloves.

1 Double Happiness Body Treatment: A full-body exfoliation treatment using a diamond-tipped wand that instantly makes your skin below the chin look softer, smoother, and feel amazing.

3 Relaxation Pod Sessions: Distribute oxygen in greater concentration to all your cells in each private session to heal from within.

3 LED Bed Sessions: 20 minutes post-facial in our full-body LED bed will speed skin repair by up to 300%, while enhancing collagen production and relaxing muscles.

1st week: Oxygen Purifying Facial + LED Bed
2 weeks after: Triple Crown Facial + Relaxation Pod
2 weeks after: Triple Crown Facial + LED Bed
2 weeks after: Triple Crown Facial + Relaxation Pod
Week of the wedding: Triple Crown Royale + LED Bed and Double Happiness + Relaxation Pod

The clock is ticking, so get ready! It’s time to look gorgeous.

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