New Spa Bundle! Brighten and Glow

New Spa Bundle! Brighten and Glow
Seeing sun spots, acne scarring, or rough texture that just won't go away? Even out your pigment and reduce inflammation and redness in just three months with our BRIGHTEN AND GLOW spa bundle series. Crafted by Joanna, this series is perfect for anyone with rosacea or dull, sensitive skin. Our most effective facials are switched out every two weeks to give you a gradually smoother, brighter, and softer complexion. Our strategically timed fruit peels will revitalize skin without long-term redness and irritation from harsh lasers or stringent chemical peels. And because we want you to always glow from within, we’ve added our famous Relaxation Pod and LED Bed sessions that have been FDA tested and proven by NASA to expedite new cell growth and healing all over your body, which results in a bright, healthy glow from head to toe. Shine on with the most modern spa glow-getters at Joanna Vargas.

1 Magic Glow Facial: Get the deepest level of exfoliation with our professional dermaplaning. The top layer of dead, dull skin will be removed, as well as hair and peach fuzz, to reveal your newest complexion.

Or 1 Oxygen Purifying Facial: Our go-to for acne prone skin, using extractions, masks, and 98% pure oxygen to detoxify and reduce breakouts & congestion.

1 Power Peel Series: A peel without major downtime? Yes please! This facial gives you all the results of an active peel without the long-term redness and flakiness.

3 Relaxation Pod Session: Distribute oxygen in greater concentration to all your cells in each private session to heal from within.

3 LED Bed Sessions: 20 minutes post-facial in our full-body LED bed will speed skin repair by up to 300%, while enhancing collagen production and relaxing muscles.

2 Triple Crown Classic Facials: This efficacious facial hydrates, oxygenates (for a brightening effect), produces collagen, and most importantly lifts the face using pro-grade microcurrent.

1 Add-On Peel: A fruit peel added to one of your facials that’s been customized to your particular needs at the moment, like anti-aging, anti-acne, brightening, or hydrating.

1st week: Magic Glow or Oxygen Purifying Facial + LED Bed Session
2 weeks after: 1st Power Peel + Relaxation Pod
2 weeks after: 2nd Power Peel + Relaxation Pod
2 weeks after: 3rd Power Peel + Relaxation Pod
2 weeks after: 1 Triple Crown Facial + LED Bed Session
2 weeks after: 1 Triple Crown Facial + Add-On Peel + LED Bed Session

If you’re looking for an invigorating flawless glow, this series is for you.

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