New Spa Bundle! Acne Clarifying Treatment

New Spa Bundle! Acne Clarifying Treatment

Introducing the ACNE CLARIFYING TREATMENT bundle by Joanna Vargas Spas.

Cleanse, treat, and hydrate acne-prone skin with this professional spa system designed to expertly clear acne and prevent future breakouts. Even if you’re not always acne-prone, seasonal weather, sweat, and buildup can all contribute to increased skin inflammation that needs a customized treatment to heal. Joanna Vargas crafted a professional acne solution for all skin types to benefit from - it's everything you need to clear your skin from blemishes and achieve a smooth, even-toned radiance! Meet our power trio: Oxygen Purifying Facial with Vitalight and Relaxation Pod sessions. Booked together, these treatments are powerhouses to knock out irritation, congestion, bumps, and redness on the face, while increasing the healing process and preventing breakouts from reoccurring. The core treatment of this facial is LED light therapy, where both blue and red light is used to kill bacteria while speeding up the healing process resulting in smoother results, faster. You’ll step out of the spa with cool, calm, and clarified skin.

3 Oxygen Purifying Facials: Our go-to for acne prone skin, using extractions, masks, and 98% pure oxygen to detoxify and reduce breakouts & congestion.

12 Vitalight Facials: NASA designed, FDA-approved LED light therapy facial for maximum skin-repairing benefits in minimal time.

12 Relaxation Pod Sessions: Distribute oxygen in greater concentration to all your cells in each private session to heal from within.

Once a month: Oxygen Purifying Facial + Vitalight Facial + Relaxation Pod
Once a week: Vitalight Facial + Relaxation Pod

Give your skin the clean slate it deserves! Start now to see flawless skin in three months.

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