New! Oxygen Chambers

New! Oxygen Chambers

Oxygen is one of the greatest life forces in our world. Tap into the healing forces of it by cocooning yourself in one of our Relaxation Pods at at Joanna Vargas New York and coming soon to our Los Angeles location.

Complementary to most skincare procedures and formulations, the action of oxygen is to heal from within. This natural approach to skincare is trusted by health professionals for the numerous benefits and proven to deliver on a holistic level, including rejuvenating skin, increasing skin elasticity, repairing aging skin texture, reducing scar formation, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improving skin complexion. It's also proven to be a powerful adjunctive treatment that any athlete can use to improve their athletic performance and enhance the body’s natural healing process.

Oxygen is known to be a systemic component in skin rejuvenation. When we deliver oxygen under pressure the supplemented oxygen levels improve blood flow, boost cell metabolism, facilitate collagen production, contribute to microscopic blood vessel growth, reduce oxidative stress, and on the surface level, increase skin elasticity. Breathing oxygen inside the hyperbaric chamber is a natural and non-invasive procedure with efficient healing and regenerative action. The increased pressure inside the hyperbaric chamber facilitates the absorption of oxygen in larger quantities in the blood plasma. When high concentrations of oxygen are transported and become available to all necessary cells and tissues, the body’s natural healing mechanism is stimulated.

Benefits of each session:

  • expedited cell growth and regeneration
  • increased collagen production
  • cell detoxification
  • increased immune support
  • new capillary growth for stronger skin
  • reduced cramps and muscle pain
  • improved neurological functioning

Our Relaxation Pod distribute oxygen in greater concentration to all your cells in each relaxing session to heal from within, all in the relaxing Joanna Vargas Salon setting. 

Add this on after your next facial or body treatment! Book here.