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Natural Spas In Europe

Natural Spas In Europe
Natural Spas in Europe The spa or hot spring has become known around the world for its soothing and cleansing ability. We know that the Romans were great admirers of their effects, creating what are now known as Spas all around their former empire. There is a hot spring or spa on every continent in the world and this post will show some of the best places to go in Europe. So, if you are fed up with artificial spa packages and want to see the real thing, here is my list of Europe’s finest. 1 Bath Spa Bath is home to Britain’s only Hot spring, in fact, the waters still run in the famous Roman baths on which the City was build. It is so precious that the city of bath was inscribed as a world heritage site in 1987. Unfortunately, you can no longer use the baths, but you can have a guided tour of a heritage site that is nearing 2000 years old. 2 Hveravellir, Iceland Iceland is famous for is hot springs (and annoying volcanoes) and Hveravellir is a unique nature reserve located between two of the world largest glaciers, it really is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Over 20 people can enjoy an amazing geothermal pool where both hot and cold water flow in together – and is famed for its proven medicinal qualities. 3 Spa, Belgium The aptly named ‘Spa’ in Belgium has a number of hot springs and, indeed, is where we get the modern term ‘spa’. Its healing powers are well known around the world and the new “les thermes de spa” has nearly 9000 square feet of swimming pools all powered by the Clementine Spring, it is a simply must see! 4 Baines De Dorres, France France has its fair share of hot springs too and Baines De Dorres dates back to the Roman times. Set in the Pyrenees you can relax in the sulphur water to the ambience of panoramic views, experienced by the local population for centuries. 5 Wiesbaden, Germany The final destination in the list comes from Germany, where there is a number of hot springs. The one at Wiesbaden is special because it is the site of the first “orthopaedic healing institute” way back in 1836. Steeped in history the spa is said to heal a range of ailments and first written about by the spa loving Romans. There are thousands of spas and hot springs around the world, some of which can only be admired from dry land. These are just a few of the finest, and I am sure the time, effort and money used to visit them will outweigh cheap spa days at your local swimming pool in terms of experience and health benefits.]>>

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