My Beauty Notebook For Beautiful Skin

What are some of the beauty secrets that belong in any woman's foundation for the perfect skin? Well, below are what I and many experts considered the 'magic pills' for young skin and beautiful skin. My Beauty Notebook For Perfect Skin Nothing that is really worth while is ever achieved without energy put forth. I believe someone once told Zig Ziglar that inspiration does not work as you need it everyday and to which he replied, "do you shower once a month or daily?". It does not matter if your concern is skin dryness or beating wrinkles and fine lines, your results will mirror your continues application of these tools. You Must Get Regular Facials: You can put misbehaving skin in order by getting regular facials. This is the missing link in most woman's skincare routine. Properly done facials are miracle workers as they instantly brighten and invigorate dull skin. Just like our habits predict the future, this habit of getting regular facials predicts and visibly GIVES you younger skin. You Must Have A Skin Care Routine: No matter how good the facial is, if you don't have an at home skin care system then you will be taking two steps back after your facials. A lesson from ANYONE that has discovered how to achieve GLOWING skin. They are completely devoted to doing their daily beauty routine. The bare essentials are: nightly face wash, twice a week exfoliation, moisturizer and sunscreen. Time spent about 5 to 7 minutes tops. A nutritious Diet: The idea that diet affects your skin is nothing new. I've done enough detoxes or changed a food in my diet to recognize clearly the visible improvements to my skin. The right diet can help reverse damaged skin and give you a new healthy glow. And anyone with a clear and glowing complexion will tell you that it is a combination of detailed skincare and a clean lifestyle that gives them a new level of firmer and glowing skin. In my younger days my skin needed a lot of attention and it is a fact, that in a lot of ways I was my very own first client. What I discovered were simple steps that when done regularly gave me the skin I always wanted. Now I shared them with you. As always I look forward to seeing you at the salon where we can give you the best skin care solution for you. Call for your appointments NOW at 212/949.2350. Sincerely, JOANNA VARGAS Joanna Vargas Skin Care]>>