Membership Med Spa Longevity Lifestyle Treatments

Membership Med Spa Longevity Lifestyle Treatments

Exciting news! Joanna Vargas is now offering a membership program for her patented LED light bed and oxygen chambers as two ways of tapping into longevity and wellness. This treatments can be used in our New York City or West Hollywood location.

These anti-aging essentials will be combined for the ultimate in effortless wellness,
rejuvenation and youthful looking skin.

For years people have come to Joanna for her innovative approach to glowing skin. The beauty industry has always followed her recommendations and these technologies are at the forefront of achieving your skincare goals. Even people focused on functional medicine, biohacking and gene screening love spending an hour breathing nearly pure oxygen in our relaxation pod or taking a snooze under our rejuvenating red and near infrared led light panels. The goal is to stay healthy, strong and vital for longer while slowing down the relentless march of time.

Joanna’s celebrity clients are often the first to try new wellness trends, as are trend
setters like Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham. Some of Hollywood’s most radiant faces are all pampering their skin with LED light therapy and oxygen chambers. Even supermodel Kendall Jenner, had an oxygen chamber installed in her Beverly Hills mansion!

Our bodies are the vehicles through which we experience life. It’s our job to take care of them so that we can experience the richness of life fully—enjoying the good times and having the strength and resilience to weather the challenges.

These are longevity lifestyle treatments so you can age better and live life more fully,
and allow time to enjoy it.

Call or email now to sign up for our membership based treatments but don’t wait as we will be limiting the amount of clients we take on. Here is the breakdown of our monthly membership options for using our LED bed light and relaxation pod:

Tier 1: $350/month - Includes 1 LED session and 1 relaxation pod session per week. 4 LED sessions total and 4 Relaxation Pods. 8 Total services.

Tier 2: $450/month - Includes 2 LED sessions and 2 relaxation pod sessions per week. 8 LED sessions total and 8 Relaxation Pods. 16 total services.

Tier 3: $500/month - Unlimited access to LED sessions and relaxation pods.

Please Note:

Minimum sign-up commitment is 3 months.

Sessions cannot be shared with others.

Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the appointment time or a $25 fee will be charged for reserving the bed or pod and cancelling within the 24 hours.

Cancellation requires a 30 day notice before the next charge date.

Services can be used in either Los Angeles or New York locations.

Unused services do not rollover or get accumulated. 

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