Meet the Twilight Family

Meet the Twilight Family

Our range of Twilight products and spa services is expanding, and we couldn't be more excited. What started as a sheet mask has grown into a full collection of professional treatments and at-home solutions. And the key player between all of our Twilight family members? It's Epidermal Growth Factor.

Epidermal Growth Factors (EGFs) are large proteins that occur naturally in our cells and plant cells, also known as stem cells. Their discovery in 1986, which showed that EGFs could stimulate skin growth at the cellular level, therefore speeding the healing of wounds, won the discovering scientists a Nobel Prize! 

Unfortunately, when you turn 30, your EGF levels begin to decline. Visual signs of this are sagging, thinner skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and circles under the eyes. 

Joanna crafted her Twilight Facial and Twilight Body Treatment for the most high-powered way to stimulate more EGF production in your body. Using microneedling combined with radio frequency, these treatments can help you turn back years on the clock. Of course we think of our face first, which is why we launched the Twilight Facial, but our body skin shows age just as rapidly. Book Twilight Body on your chosen area to get all the benefits of your Twilight Facial - skin firming and plumping, lessened appearance of fine lines and reversing the tell-tale signs of aging. 

And after your spa treatments? We now have three members of our Twilight product family to extend the benefits of your spa treatment, or to enhance your anti-aging home care. Twilight Sheet Masks were our original Twilight product. Each box has 5 single-use bamboo sheet masks soaked in our EGF serum. Benefits also include quickly reducing the appearance of redness. Perfect for post-laser or post-needling (we use them in our Twilight Facials!). Twilight Serum & Night Cream are the newest members of the family. Formulated for overnight repair, these two products are packed with EGFs from Swiss Apples, the only apple you can cut and not see it turn brown for hours. 

Enhancing your Epidermal Growth Factors after the age of 30 isn't a huge feat - add Twilight facials to your skincare journey and extend the benefits of the treatments with our pro-grate at-home products.

Book a Twilight Facial & Twilight Body Treatment at our NYC spa.

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