Massage: Your Secret Weapon for Surviving Summer

Massage: Your Secret Weapon for Surviving Summer

What's the hardest part of summer for you? Heat, humidity, excess sweating? Maybe it's oily, sun burnt skin? Whatever the case may be, taking one hour out of your day can give you the "aha" moment you need to reboot your superpowers.

Our massage treatments offer countless year-round benefits, but in this sweaty season, there are even more than you realize. Here, a few things you can't afford to ignore.

From hot stone to deep tissue to pre-post natal, there is massage to cater to all your needs.

Builds a stronger immune system

  • Increases lymph flow
  • Promotes healthy sleep cycle
  • Eases tension

Promotes health from the inside out

  • Enhances blood flow to eliminate toxins
  • Reduces pain and chronic stiffness
  • Delivers oxygen to muscles, joints and organs

Boosts mood and mental health improvement

  • Improves overall relaxation and wellbeing
  • Release endorphins to relieve stress and enhance your mood
  • Loosens and relaxes muscles to improve flexibility

In addition to giving your body a break, massage quiets the mind, freeing your brain to function more clearly. Sometimes letting go and relaxing is all you need. Visit our salon in NYC + LA to get your "aha" moment within 60 minutes (or longer!), the way you want, for as long as you want. A massage like no other. Click here to book!