Maskne Tips for Dry Skin

Maskne Tips for Dry Skin

     Maskne has been the new, and almost unavoidable, skincare condition that we never asked for. Maskne (if you are still unfamiliar with this 2020 term) is essentially acne, caused by a mask. For some of us, the constant wearing of a mask (sometimes two) has caused severe facial irritations, tiny clusters of pimples, and hard to manage redness to the lower part of the face. 

     Being that mask-wearing seems to be the new normal, we thought we could give you some helpful tips on how to treat and lower your chances of getting maskne. 

Maskne Tips:

  • First things first, try not to wear the same mask on a day to day basis. Using a clean mask every day can lower the chances of bactria getting on to your skin. Stock up on either disposable masks or a couple of cloth ones that you can alternate between washes. 
  • If you are constantly wearing a mask all day at work, or running errands, do your best to avoid makeup. The mask already can cause some irrationation, so mixed with makeup your chances of a worse reaction could be higher. 
  • If you have extra masks in your bag or car, refrain from sharing them with friends if they are going to return it. Pretty gross I know, but chances are you might forget someone previously wore it and you may use it again. 
  • Once you get home from wearing a mask, make sure to wash your face immediately and throw your mask in the garbage or the laundry. 

The Exfoliating Mask is a great way to soften up your skin, and resurface your skin. It also makes a great spot treatment. (Plus, you can apply it to an area under your mask to keep it safe.) 

The Twilight Sheet Mask is great for redness or irritated skin. It will help soothe the appearance of inflamed skin, hydrate, and soften up any lines caused by a mask or face shield. 

The Miracle Bar is our go-to to draw out impurities, thanks to the high charcoal content. This is a great bar soap to really clean out the dirt and bacteria on your skin.

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