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Lysine And Lemon Balm: Natural Remedies For Cold Sores

Lysine And Lemon Balm: Natural Remedies For Cold Sores
cold sore outbreaks due to herpes simplex one. The painful sores usually occur on the outer edge of the mouth and irritate for up to one week.You can pass the virus on to others even when no sores are visible through direct contact. Anyone who contracts herpes of any type is stuck with the annoying symptoms for life. While there are so many pharmaceuticals on the market that profess to remedy the symptoms instantly, there is no cure for the often stress-induced sores. If you’re generally the type of person who prefers to avoid ingesting chemicals to treat any ailment, then l-lysine and lemon balm are non-chemical options for healing cold sore outbreaks. Lysine Lysine is a natural amino acid that effectively reduces the physical symptoms of herpes. When taken as a daily supplement lysine inhibits the systemic growth of the virus as it reduces the onset of cold sores. Outbreaks become less frequent and symptoms are generally less severe when the amino acid is taken daily along with a vitamin and mineral regimen including vitamin C, zinc and bioflavonoids. Lysine minimizes the infection by suppressing Arginine, an opposing amino acid that induces viral growth. Anywhere from 3000 to 6000 mg daily is recommended to inhibit outbreaks when the first tingles signal a potential cold sore. By choosing a certain diet you can use specific foods that contain Lysine to prevent the otherwise inevitable symptoms. One of 8 essential amino acids, this natural remedy can be found in brewers yeast, cheese, chicken, milk, beans, fish and vegetables. What you want to avoid, to reduce the likelihood of cold sores, are foods with Arginine content such as chocolate, gelatin, oats, nuts, whole and white wheat. Your diet will boost the effects of your supplement and help to heal, relieve and ultimately prevent herpes symptoms. If for some reason you find you’re not getting the expected results try raising your supplement dosage not exceeding 6000 mg per day. Finally, there are lip balms and salves which contain Lysine that can be topically applied to the affected area after the outbreak has occurred. Lemon Balm As I researched Lemon Balm and found all manner of culinary suggestions for this prolific “calming” herb in the mint family, associated with the goddess Diana, I also discovered its use as a natural way to heal cold sores. The University Of Maryland Medical Center conducted research that found lemon balm to be effective in treating swelling and redness of herpes lesions. One study of 116 people found that those who applied a topical solution of lemon balm experienced relief of symptoms in only 2 days. I have seen a number of homemade organic salves, sold at farmer’s markets, that contain lemon balm and I have heaps of easy-access bushes growing outside my home. Simply applying a leaf of the herb to a cold sore rapidly decreases the visible symptoms overall. Green Star Salve is a popular organic salve in the Northwest that has a number of wild-crafted herbs including lemon balm, which reliably ease the irritation of cold sores. Whether you choose amino acids or herbs as your approach to healing, you now have natural options to eliminate the discomfort of one of the most common skin ailments known due to an incurable virus.]>>

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