Labor Day Sale Picks

Labor Day Sale Picks

Labor Day 2023 is here already! Cash in on our end-of summer sale, now through September 6, 2023.

10% off all spa packages
25% off Joanna Vargas skincare products


We're seeing a lot of sun care needs this year, and also needs to address dryness from excessive heat, and air conditioning use. Check out Joanna's top picks to address these needs, both in the spa and at home:


SuperNova Facial with Vitalight Add-On: Breakouts happen at all ages, especially in the summer. If you feel you need anti-aging hydration benefits and a boost to fight breakouts, we have the perfect duo: SuperNova Facial with a Vitalight add-on.
SuperNova facial is the #1 hydrating, anti-aging glow-up facial we offer. Your esthetician will add a session under our Vitalight, which uses the power of red and blue light to kill acne and heal skin up to 300% faster than without. Experience this game-changing duo and smooth out your skin fast, without drying or stripping skin of essential nutrients.

SuperNova Body Treatment: SuperNova Body is our go-to for the ultimate hydration from shoulder to toe. Why let your face get all the love? Choose your area or book multiple areas to get the full facial treatment on your body. Just like our SuperNova Facial, your chosen area will get:
+ Nutrient-rich liquid exfoliation to smooth skin
+ Collagen mask to strengthen skin
+ Oxygen infusion to brighten skin
+ Pro-grade microcurrent to lift skin and muscles
+ Cool therapy to tighten skin


Rescue Serum: packed with Vitamin C, an antioxidant nutrient that hydrates, brightens, improves skin tone and texture. Perfect pre-and post-sun. Wanting to diminish the appearance of her hyperpigmentation, but not her natural freckles, Joanna created the Rescue Vitamin C Brightening Serum to give her skin a healthy radiance without changing her natural features. With Rescue Serum, she wants everyone to love and embrace their skin by giving it a natural glow.

Twilight Night Cream: A powerful blend of Vitamins and antioxidants helps to protect the skin barrier and visibly reduce signs of photoaging. This cream is also made with a non-comedogenic seed oil complex that deeply moisturizes and soothes dry and damaged skin.

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