Joanna’s top 5 tips for clean, clear, glowing skin!

Joanna’s top 5 tips for clean, clear, glowing skin!

Looking to perfect your skincare routine? Here’s Joanna’s top 5 tips for clean, clear, glowing skin!

Wash Your Face

Even the most regimented of us can admit to falling asleep without washing our faces every now and then. Washing your face before bed is extremely important – all the dirt, grime, and carcinogens you encounter throughout the day embed themselves in your pores on a microscopic level. Until you wash them off, they can stimulate harsh reactions within your skin.

Exfoliate Your Skin Weekly

Exfoliation is a vital tool for unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells and dirt, allowing fresh layers of skin to be revealed and increasing your skin’s ability to absorb much needed vitamins and nutrients. Joanna recommends exfoliating two nights a week to really purge the skin of any lingering free radicals that accumulate throughout the day.

Incorporate a Serum

Due to their molecular structure and their ability to hold moisture in high percentages, serums have the capacity to penetrate deeply and directly into the skin to deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients than any moisturizer. No two serums are the same, and to get the most out of their actives, it’s important to apply them in the right way.

Water-based serums absorb faster - they should be applied first - with oil-based serums following after. Certain ingredients – like Vitamin C and Vitamin A – tend to cancel each other out, so never combine those types of serums on your skin, as they may actually have a reverse effect (or no effect at all).

Moisturize & SPF

While serums can be full of hydrating ingredients (like hyaluronic acid and ceramides) that help skin retain moisture, you should still be using a creamy moisturizer on top to finish off your routine. Face creams are richer than serums and create a barrier on top of the skin to keep all that good stuff in. Also, vow to care for the skin you’re in with a daily SPF!

Dry Brush Your Body

From sweeping away dead skin cells to improving the appearance of skin and supporting digestion, dry brushing once daily can have major benefits on your overall skin health. Dry brushing from your toes to your heart stimulates the lymphatic system, enhancing blood flow, resulting in an increase in the plumpness of the skin and minimizing the appearance of cellulite. Additionally, brushing the skin while it’s dry allows the skin to be exfoliated without robbing it of moisture, as hot water in the shower can do.

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Start Getting Facials

A top quality facial will promote cell turnover and collagen production more then any at-home remedy. It is important to add facials to your skincare routine starting in your 20’s, as the health benefits are infinite, both short and long term. We recommend for those in their early twenties, to start out with our Oxygen Purifying Facial, coming in for treatments about twice a year. With time, it is important to increase your visits to monthly treatments, especially in your 30s and 40s. We recommend our Triple Crown Facial in your 30's to keep the skin youthful, smooth and firm and our Forever Facial which uses Radio Frequency technology to treat fine lines/wrinkles and prevent saggy skin on the face and neck.

Buy a spa package at our New York or LA location and start seeing younger-glowing skin. And if you are looking for an extra dose of hydration and instant radiant skin, try our Supernova Facial!

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