Joanna's Holiday Gift Guide

Joanna's Holiday Gift Guide

Joanna Wraps up the Best Gifts of 2021

 ‘Tis the season to have your inbox flooded with gift guides. The format can be controversial — some savvy shoppers prefer to browse on their own, while others lean heavily on gift guides to build their holiday shopping lists. At Joanna Vargas, we tend toward the latter category, specifically to assist holiday shoppers in selecting the oft-overlooked gift of skincare.

“I, personally, love a gift guide,” founder Joanna Vargas says. “I’m always trying to think of ideas outside the box, and skincare is a true luxury. Not everyone works it into their budget (but everybody wants to), and there’s something so special about opening a product, smelling it for the first time, and putting it on your skin.”

Skeptical at the idea of gifting your loved ones with skincare products? We get it; skincare is something that can be super personal. However, it’s also one of those indulgences that often gets bumped down to the bottom of the list of things to treat yourself to, and depending on what sort of person you’re buying for, there’s usually a skincare product or experience they’ll truly love. 

“Skincare is a multi-sensory experience,” Joanna says, “And indulging in it creates a series of small, but fond memories.” Additionally, premium skincare products and treatments are the perfect way to let someone know it’s OK for them to take a bit of time to themselves — and in this stressful holiday season, what could be better than that?

And thus, without further ado, we present the Joanna Vargas Holiday Gift Guide, chock full of products, treatments, and ideas to treat the special someone(s) in your life. Just don’t forget to scroll to the end and treat yourself. 



For Your BFF: All Aglow Holiday Set

Why It’s the Perfect Gift: This set was curated by Joanna, and includes everything you need to maintain a luminous, ongoing glow through the holiday season. The All Aglow set includes our Vitamin C Face Wash, Rejuvenation Serum, and a Glow-to-Go Mask Set rounding out a trifecta of products all besties will appreciate. 

From Joanna:“Any good friend wants their best friend to look their best for party season. Nothing brings a glow more than a good face oil and a box of masks — there’s one for skin in any condition — whether it be pre-party, post-party, or going to see your mom.”



For the Person Who Has Everything: Magic Glow Wand

Why It’s the Perfect Gift: We all know and love someone who seems to simply have everything, but odds are, they don’t have this. It’s not some extraneous piece of skincare fluff, either: The Magic Glow Wand is a necessary addition to anyone’s skincare routine, as it reduces the appearance of puffiness, brightens your complexion, and feels very, very good to use. The wand has both hot and cool modes with a massage option, and it’s perfect for use with serum, a sheet mask, or simply to depuff after you wash. 

From Joanna: “I think this gift is great because it's one of the most unique facial tools on the market. There are four settings, so that you can walk yourself through the most professional at-home facial you've ever had, and really step up your self-care game.”



For the Skincare Obsessed: The Professionals Kit

Why It’s the Perfect Gift: If you’ve got someone on your list who considers themself a skincare enthusiast, this gift will be sure to impress. It’s basically a full at-home facial in one package, including the Rescue Serum, Exfoliating Mask, Glow to Go Mask Set, and the Magic Glow Wand. For those who prioritize ritual self-care, this is the skincare gift that keeps on giving. 

From Joanna: “The wand provides the structure to give yourself the perfect at-home facial. The kit has every product that you need to perform every step of your perfect self-care moment. So, it's like giving someone the gift of an amazing Sunday night, every day for six months.”



For the Skincare Newbie: The Essentials Set

Why It’s the Perfect Gift: Not everyone is an at-home skincare pro, though — but don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect gift for them, too. The Essential Set is the perfect entrypoint to develop an intentional skincare routine, and includes the Vitamin C Face Wash, Daily Serum, Exfoliating Mask, and Revitalizing Eye Cream. 

From Joanna: “Everybody always asks about the basic tools you need to have glowing skin, and this kit is really the combination of all of those things. Those are the easiest products to use, the easiest to incorporate into your life and they work for all skin types.”



For the Snow Bunny: Rejuvenating Serum

Why It’s the Perfect Gift: Is your bestie jetting off to Aspen for the holidays? First, you should ask to join her — and if not, you should send her off with the necessary skincare for some post-slopes TLC. The Rejuvenating Serum is *the* antidote for dry, chapped winter skin, harnessing the powers of six different intensely moisturizing oils to deeply hydrate without clogging pores. Just make sure to tell whoever you gift it to send a selfie of their post-ski, post-serum glow. 

From Joanna: “This is for that friend that's going to spend the winter break on a ski slope, somewhere. The Rejuvenating Serum will help prevent your skin from feeling too chapped or too dry and it will help her look her best when she's chilling by the fire at night.”



For the Jet Setter: Glow to Go Mask Set

Why It’s the Perfect Gift: In the world of skincare, nothing is more portable than a sheet mask, and the Glow to Go Mask set comes with five, each with a different purpose and effect on the skin. It’s the kind of thing your jet-setting loved one will reach for before their next flight. 

From Joanna: “I love sheet masks because you can really customize your treatment and really look at your skin and what it needs at the moment. The Glow to Go is perfect, because you get five different types of treatments in every box. You can really look at what your skin wants you to do, diagnose your skin, and come away with healthy skin after.”





For the Self-Care Enthusiast: The Ritual Kit

Why It’s the Perfect Gift: Do you have a friend or family member who seems to always call you while luxuriating in the tub? If so, this is *the* gift for them. The set includes the Ritual Brush and Ritual Bar — use the former to exfoliate before stepping into the shower or tub, and the later to get an allover, super-soft clean. 

From Joanna: “This is perfect for any friend who loves to ritualize self-care, nothing feels more luxurious than dry brushing your body before a bath, and then using a super hydrating healing bar, like the ritual bar, to restore your skin and make you feel revitalized.”


For the Person Who’s Hard to Shop For: Little Luxuries

Why It’s the Perfect Gift: Everyone knows that the best holiday gifts are often the simplest. Our soap bars and individual sheet masks are the perfect option for those on your list who you want to treat with a skincare trinket that doesn’t sacrifice thoughtfulness and luxury.

From Joanna: “Skin care doesn't have to be expensive to feel luxurious and these little gift items are great to send somebody love without breaking the bank or something.”



For the Social Butterfly: Triple Crown Facial

Why It’s the Perfect Gift: Let’s face it: There are few among us who wouldn’t love the gift of our Triple Crown Facial, which combines microdermabrasion, micro-current, and oxygen-infused therapy to refine, lift, and tone your skin. However, it would make the absolutely perfect gift for the special person in your life who stays booked and busy during the holiday season — you can even book two and join them before your next event. 

From Joanna: “If you want to give somebody a gift who's going to tons of holiday parties or who just loves to be out and about, the Triple Crown facial is our luxurious signature treatment. That's perfect for your own personal red carpet moment.”



For Last-Minute Shoppers: The Almighty Gift Card

Why It’s the Perfect Gift: Because sometimes, the best gift is letting someone decide exactly what they want for themselves. 

From Joanna: “People forget that sometimes, the most fun present is when you can shop for what you love for yourself. A gift card is a great way to let somebody pick out what their favorite things are going to be, instead of making the decision for them.”



For Yourself: Supernova Serum

Why It’s the Perfect Gift: You’ve made it to the end of this holiday gift guide (hopefully with a few more solid additions to your shopping list), which means it’s time to stop thinking about other people and think about yourself. The Supernova serum is the ultimate elixir for self-care: It’s got .25% retinol to support skin elasticity and improve clarity. It’s got a luxurious texture, smells amazing, and easily absorbs into the skin. In other words, it’s the cherry on top of the holiday shopping cake, for when it’s just you in your bathroom mirror, taking time to celebrate yourself. 

From Joanna: “The best way to take care of other people is taking care of yourself first. The Supernova serum is appropriate for any skin type and any skin tone, and because it is a retinol, it addresses anything from acne to fine lines, to skin elasticity. It's the perfect self-care for you and your skin.”



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