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Joanna Vargas's Signature Microcurrent Facial

Joanna Vargas's Signature Microcurrent Facial
The Three Tiers Of Joanna Vargas' Signature Triple Crown Facial There's a reason that Joanna Vargas' signature Triple Crown facial has become the most sought-after treatment of both celebrities and regular clientele alike: It utilizes three separate, highly-effective methods of skin care treatment, and the results are basically instantaneous. This is the perfect facial for hard-working, jet-setting folks who don't have the luxury of down time — a mere hour of relaxation in Joanna's chair will leave your skin looking like you've just returned from the most restful vacation of your life. The results are CUMULATIVE, yes, but the facial can also give you total face revamp during the times when your skin simply isn't looking its best. The Triple Crown is an in-demand micro-current facial from top Hollywood celebs, professional women and anyone that wants to look and feel like a star. However, most people don't know exactly what they're getting for their money as this has been a "secret" of women in the know for quite a few years now. How does it work? The treatment has three-parts but to achieve the best results the facial is done in a series. This of course depends on your skin's needs and how much it will take in order to get it in shape. For example, you can come for facials in rapid sequence for fastest results and then do them once a month for maintenance. Think in terms of going to the gym but for the face. The Triple Crown facial achieves several goals: sweeps skin clean as the first step with a diamond tip wand. Yes, you heard correctly, a diamond tip wand. This is followed by micro-current and this helps reduce puffiness temporarily in the faces, toning and tightening your skin and can actually reshape the jawline with absolutely zero invasive procedures or surgeries. To describe the first tier of the facial here is a bit more information about the diamond peel. This exfoliating process is incredibly gentle, and even suitable for use on clients with sensitive skin. In fact, this stage of the process is customized to each client’s skin type, so you never have to worry whether or not the process will prove to be too harsh. The diamond peel is followed by a round of micro-current massage, performed with a two-pronged tool that stimulates the facial muscles and helps tighten the skin. This is non-sensory as it would take a million machines to literally light up a 60 watt bulb. During this phase of the three-part facial, we apply micro-current to their complexion causing their muscles to be worked out, contracting them and relaxing them. This is not like other invasive procedures, and retract, laser for example, this process does no damage to the skin and requires no recovery time. Typically, the aesthetician performing the Triple Crown facial will do the micro-current massage on one side of the face first, before handing the client a mirror to compare and contrast. The difference, of course, is noticeable. After treating both sides of the face, it's time to move on to the final tier of the Triple Crown facial: The purifying oxygen blast. This noninvasive procedure consists of antioxidant-infused oxygen, applied to the skin in with a tolerable force. The newly tightened skin drinks in the moisture of the oxygen and serum mixture, leaving the face looking lit from within. Some clients choose to do the Triple Crown facial in conjunction with other treatments, such as our extraction since it is not part of the facial. The reason we did this is because microcurrent takes the bulk of the time during the facial. However, you can add a half hour cleanse to include extractions. Another service that most of our clients do in conjunction with the Triple Crown is the LED light bed. The Triple Crown facial is one of the many treatments that Joanna Vargas does in order to provides multiple ways of achieving a flawless complexion. She has solved the puzzle of amazing skin and you can virtually leave the salon with tight, smooth, bright skin that will be yours for a lifetime. Schedule your own Triple Crown facial by calling 212.949.2350 in New York City or by calling 310.424.5141 in Los Angeles.

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