Joanna Vargas’ Rejuvenation Serum

Joanna Vargas’ Rejuvenation Serum I like my serums jam-packed with anti-aging ingredients and superior hydration…this doesn’t seem like a lot to ask for but often I find serums offer one or the other – not the case with Joanna Vargas’s Rejuvenation Serum! About the product: This is an all-natural product developed by Joanna Vargas. Joanna is a top celebrity facialist in New York City and has been slowly developing her very own line of all-natural skin care products. Her mission is to make the best skin products that deliver results without all those harsh chemicals! The serum’s core ingredient is Argan Oil, which contains essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants. Joanna also includes Neroli Oil to help improve elasticity, as well as Vitamin E, Rosehip Oil, and Vitamin C – just to name a few star ingredients on the list. The serum is silky smooth, delivering an instant hydrated glow to your skin…think eight glasses of water and you’re on your ninth as you’re reading this… rejuvenating_serum Who should use this product: This serum is a wonderful choice if you feel your skin care regime could use a boost in hydration. It’s hydrating enough that normal to combination skin types could use this product as their daytime moisturizer during the warmer months (just remember to also use sunscreen). BG Thoughts on the product: I really like Joanna Vargas’s products…the Rejuvenating Serum is an all-natural dose of boot camp for your skin! I recommended this serum to one of my BG pals who is pregnant and felt her skin was looking dull and uneven. She wanted a natural product that would give her a glow…and oh boy (psst she’s having a boy), did she not only get a glow, but her skin was less red and overall skin tone was gorgeous. It made me think…I’ll be picking up a bottle soon! I will however caution those who don’t like the feel of oil on their skin - this may not be the serum for you…I love the feel of oil, but not all of us gals do! BG Tips: I get to have this delicious blend messages into my face every four to six weeks when I head to Joanna Vargas Salon for my monthly facial…If you live in NYC its a great way to take this product for a test run! Price Point: 100.00/1oz Where to Buy: SpaceNK Joanna Vargas Skin Care]>>