Joanna’s Picks for a Spa Day: NYC Edition

Joanna’s Picks for a Spa Day: NYC Edition

Turn your next NYC spa visit into a spa getaway with Joanna Vargas’ hand-picked services to refresh from head to toe. Self-care is not only vital for our physical wellbeing, but our mental and emotional wellbeing as well! Check out Joanna's guide to get the most out of your day at our spa, with these services and treatments that compliment each other, and will leave you feeling your best from the inside out.

Start with: Double Happiness Body Treatment
Double Happiness Body Treatment is full-body treatment that features diamond-tipped microdermabrasion and pure oxygen for ultimate results from the neck down. It's finished with our favorite organic moisturizer for soft, radiant skin. The benefits are not only instantly smooth skin, but after you leave the spa, your body products will absorb better and your skin will look younger for weeks. 

Next up: SuperNova Facial
SuperNova facial is famous for being a celeb-loved facial to resurface the skin. It also uses microcurrent to contour your face, while a collagen mask infuses it with vital nutrients, ending with cryotherapy providing anti-inflammatory benefits. The results are healthy, youthful and glowing skin in just one session. Long-terms results are a more lifted look and hydrated skin.

Tech Session: Ballancer Pro
Next, pop into a hands-free lymphatic drainage massage with the most state of the art compression therapy system available - Ballancer Pro. This treatment will not only give you a moment alone to catch up on your messages (no massage therapist needed!) but will actually improve the effects of your facial.

End with: Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
Joanna recommends adding this to the end of your spa day to enhance the benefits of all services received during the day. This relaxing chamber enhances your oxygen levels by 20%. Optimize your physical wellness and reduce stress; just breathe in and let the oxygen do the work. 

Ready to book your refreshing and relaxing day at our NYC spa? Book online or contact us directly for a custom booking with our educated guest coordinators:  (212) 949-2350