Joanna's Holiday Glow Tips

Joanna's Holiday Glow Tips

Get ready for glowing compliments on your most gorgeous complexion with Joanna’s top five holiday skincare tips.

Tip 1: Supernova Facial

“My favorite facial for the season. We use a combination of microcurrent, cryotherapy and a medical-grade gold collagen mask to hydrate, sculpt and lift the appearance of your skin. You will glow for days!”

Tip 2: Glow To Go Mask Set

“I love this mask set because it allows you to prescribe to your skincare concerns moment-to-moment. I always use a mask before a big event to help hydrate and give my skin fresh nutrients before applying makeup.”

Tip 3: Chamomile Tea Bags

“It’s super important to give extra TLC in the eye area. My favorite at-home DIY is to boil 2 chamomile tea bags, let them cool down then place one over each eye. The tea bags will help depuff, hydrate and soothe extra dry, thin skin and make you feel fresh-faced even when you don’t feel like it.”

Tip 4: Golden Glow Sunless Tan

“During the holiday season, I recommend an organic spray tan to instantly add one or two shades of bronze to your complexion. The skin will appear warmer, fresher and hydrated.”

Tip 5: Rejuvenating Serum

“I like to apply my Rejuvenating Serum throughout the day when winter skin is super dry. Pump 1-2 drops on fingertips and apply on cheekbones to highlight and around the eye area to keep creepiness at bay.”