It's Full-Body Microderm Season

It's Full-Body Microderm Season

Is your skin ready to bare this summer? Experience our Full-Body Microdermabrasion Treatment to give your skin that “vacation ready” hydrated glow. 

Why is body exfoliation so beneficial during the summer months, you may ask? It helps to slough away dead skin cells and unclog pores, leaving your skin feeling softer, smoother, and more radiant. This is especially important during the summer when sweat, sunscreen, and other debris can accumulate on the skin and cause breakouts and dullness.

Exfoliation also helps to stimulate circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, which can reduce swelling and puffiness in the body. This is especially beneficial during the hot summer months when heat can cause your body to retain water and feel bloated.

Another major benefit of professional body exfoliation is that it can help you achieve a more even, glowing faux tan. By removing dead skin cells and smoothing out rough patches, your skin will be better able to absorb self-tanner, at home or at our spa.

In our Full-Body Microdermabrasion Treatment, we use a diamond-tipped wand to exfoliate from your chin to toes, followed by an ultra-hydrating body moisturizer. Don’t leave it to your home body scrub - this professional way to level up your softness without any skin damage from harsh shower scrubs. Plus, your body moisturizers will apply and absorb so effortlessly for weeks after this treatment.

It’s a must-have before hitting the pool or beach.

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