Is an Oxygen Treatment Right for You?

Is an Oxygen Treatment Right for You?

Our newest spa treatment, the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, is quickly becoming one of our most popular treatments this summer. If you like us, you're asking yourself if this treatment is something you should consider.

Each 60 minute session provides your whole body, inside and out, with 100% pure oxygen, vs. 20% oxygen we breathe normally.

Results include improved skin tone and health, and internal immune support, mental health support, and more.

Still not sure? beauty editor Danielle visited our spa recently, and afterwards wrote "I Tried Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For A Skin Boost & I'm Hooked." She goes on to share, “A brand-new addition to the celebrity facialist’s salon menu, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) entails includes being zipped into a pressurized oxygen chamber — as if into a garment bag — where you’ll hang for 60 minutes. The idea? As you lie there and nap, read, or scroll through Instagram, your body is soaking up the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which all come from the pure oxygen you’re breathing." Excited to hear her results? Us too. Danielle wrote "I did notice a change in my skin; before getting into the chamber, my skin was drier than usual, but post-HBOT it reverted back to its more hydrated (albeit fairly oily) state. Mentally and emotionally, though, I felt a massive difference. I was tranquil and comfortable while in the chamber, and the feeling lasted for the rest of the day.” 

And Joanna's take on the treatment? “Oxygen has always been one of my go-to steps in the facials I provide, so it makes sense that we have something that is addressing the whole body. Using this therapy in combination with other technologies has really taken the [clients’] results to the next level” said Joanna.

See and feel the results yourself! Book a session in our Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber at our New York City spa today.