Illustrious Sofia Vergara Flirts with the Camera

Sofia_Vergara_2011_Vanity_Fair_Oscar_Party_1Sa0ydEmTjyl Protecting her Skin To control shine and glare Sofia Vergara uses a clean pressed powder. The South American born actress also stresses the importance of sunscreen to protect against damaging UV rays. Undesirable wrinkles and other signs of maturing skin will surface with regular sun exposure without proper SPF. Especially on those intensely hot summer days, sunblock is a must to inhibit sun burn and the appearance of age spots. Choosing organic sunscreen free of parabens is the ultimate way to combat aging skin in hot climates. Maintaining an Amazing Physique Sofia is the first to admit that working out is not a fun pastime for the emerging celebrity, but if she has a “trainer after (her)” the essential task of staying fit happens with ease. She is less likely to “sabotage” herself with trainer Gunnar Peterson keeping her regimen in check on a weekly basis. If she gets a workout in 4 times a week, Sofia considers it lucky. Her personal trainer encourages a weight lifting routine and some cardio exercises to keep this lady perfectly fit. Ms. Vergara is clear that moderation is key in her diet and workout. Since working out is the last thing on her mind she incorporates Latin music and dance into her exercise routine. Three times a week she’s found dancing with her trainer in one hour sessions to burn calories and maintain a toned physique. Does She Diet? Avoiding red meat has been Sofia’s choice since she arrived in the US 16 years ago. In her Self magazine interview, the starlet remembers how she grew up on a wide variety of organic foods in Colombia, but when she landed in Miami “the meat didn’t taste good to me, anyway, so I stopped eating it. I’ve been off it for 16 years.” But she does toil with her love of sweets: an au natural honest beauty. No meal is complete without dessert for this lady. Keeping Lips Luscious She recalls how her mother would always tell her ‘put some lipstick on’. Ms. Vergara says she “would never be without lipstick. Because you look well put together.” Accenting the lips highlights the velvety soft complexion she’s clearly maintained. Sofia nostalgically remembers how all her Colombian friends “were like that,” wearing their favorite shade of lip color. Sofia Vergara is not shy to say she even uses that lipstick as a blush.]>>