How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated Through The Holidays

How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated Through The Holidays

Winter skin care season is here, as you might be feeling already on your face and body. So many factors can affect the skin over the holidays, like water quality, diet and lack of sleep.

Joanna Vargas recommends making three major changes in your routine to get visible results that can last throughout the winter months.

Give your thirsty skin a mega dose of moisture that will prevent it from feeling parched with these 3 tips:

1. Incorporate oils into your moisturizing routine

For dry skin, oils are your best bet. Joanna always recommend layering oil based serums in both your morning and night routines in winter for a healthy-looking glow. If using multiple serums, make sure to apply a water-based serum before your oil-based serum help tackle both dryness and dehydration
at once.

Our Rejuvenating Serum is packed with five essential oils – Argan, Olive, Rose
Hip, Jojoba and Neroli – to soften and hydrate skin with each use. Add it under your moisturizer to feel hydrated all day and night long.

Joanna’s Pro Tip: Revive your complexion midday by tapping one drop along cheekbones to highlight your features for a dewy, radiant appearance.

2. Learn how to eat for moisturized skin

Dry skin may be a result of something bad happening inside of your body, as well as external environmental factors. There are plenty of things you can do to help skin from the inside out, beginning with making sure you’re not dehydrated (ie – drink less alcohol and more water this winter). 

Eat leafy greens, which are full of vitamins A and B; omega 3 fatty acids which are found in oily fish and avocado, and biotin which can be found in bananas,
eggs and oatmeal. Dry skin is sometimes just not the skin receiving the nutrients it needs.

Joanna's Pro Tip: Joanna Vargas goes over nutrition tips in detail in her book Glow From Within

3. Don’t over exfoliate

If you physically exfoliate twice a week in the summer, try only once a week in the winter. During cold winter months, your skin is more prone to dryness and over exfoliating will cause major issues.

You can also go for our Dawn Brightening Mask, which hydrates while exfoliating with gentle Mandelic Acid, infused with Cherry Blossom and Vitamin C to help
calm and brighten dry winter skin. Added chamomile instantly reduces the look of redness caused from dehydration.

It is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive! This multi-tasking bamboo sheet mask gently clears congestion and replenishes hydration back into the skin with every use.

Joanna's Pro Tip: Take Joanna’s challenge; use our Dawn Mask 3 days in a row to reveal a smoother, refreshed complexion. Time saving and glow-getting!