How to Use Technology For Winter Skin Woes

How to Use Technology For Winter Skin Woes

Your classic skin care routine involves just using your everyday products. A face wash, exfoliator, mask, serum, moisturizer, and a sunscreen. The core 6. I know it is hard to add an extra product into your skincare routine because it takes so long to figure out the correct products for your skin.

Your skin also changes a lot and this causes you to have to switch up your products which isn't always fun. Luckily for you winter skin woes, adding technology into your skin care routine is not going to affect your product usage at all and it is so very easy! 

How to Incorporate Technology to Your  Routine

To start off, let's talk about the Magic Glow Wand. Allure’s best of 2020! This is the perfect technology to add to your skincare routine, as it’s a small handheld device that you can easily recharge to use either for your nightly or daily routine. This handheld, fast-acting temperature + massage facial device is like having a full spa experience at home. It gives you that wide awake look with or without concealer.

When your skin's temperature is too high, it can become dehydrated and dry, increasing sebum, puffiness, and causing enlarged pores. If your skin's temperature is too low, it can decrease the effectiveness of your skincare products. The Magic Glow Wand allows for quick and controlled treatments to balance temperature and revive your inner glow. 

Our wand has four settings. Hot Mode, Hot + Massage Mode, Cool Mode, and Cool + Massage Mode. Hot Mode deeply cleanses and eliminates build up. Hot + Massage mode helps your skin absorb products for a more effective treatment. Cool Mode instantly soothes your skin.

Lastly, Cool + Massage Mode decreases the appearance of puffiness and gives you a firming effect. Each setting runs for three minutes. The head of the wand is made out of titanium so it is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. You're going to want to apply a serum or mask while you are using the wand for an unbelievably soft and radiant look. You can be your own pro at home with our Magic Glow Wand.

The next technology you can add to boost your skin care routine is our Twilight Facial. Our advanced microneedling machine penetrates the epidermis to stimulate collagen instantly, while radio frequency is delivered simultaneously. The double power of microneedling plus radio frequency work together for more lifted and tighter skin, while reducing scars.

Finish the facial in our Revitalight LED Bed, our skin-healing “anti-tanning” bed. The LED Bed will rejuvenate your body and mind. The Twilight Facial is one of Joanna’s most favorite treatments. “In the Twilight Facial, the main technology is microneedling combined with radio frequency.

Once the needles go into the skin, we apply radio frequency to the needles that go into every layer of the skin. It completely remodels your collagen. It’s seriously the most amazing treatment I’ve ever done. It’s honestly like having a facelift.” – Joanna

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