How To Stay Young looking

LightBed There may not be a physical fountain of youth but I do believe there is a way to unlock, at least for now, some part of what scientist are calling the youth code. After all what kind of an esthetician would I be if I did not practice what I preach. This is why I always follow beauty trends and read up on the latest research in dermatological digests and naturalist magazines. It takes this much study and application to find the silver lining that will take my facials over the top and give you the results you want. My goal for you is to help you reverse the body's signs of aging and give you the skin you always wanted. One such treatment is the "Sleeping Beauty". It is a fact that a person's skin looks better when they are well rested. And lying in a full body LED light therapy machine does bring about a sense of calmness for some people. This is because LED light therapy helps your body releases endorphins, known for reducing stress and more. LED light therapy helps our skin bounce back and eventually making your skin respond faster to skin care treatments. Many of my clients claim that this treatment has eliminated their skin concerns. Making their skin younger and more luminous. The reason is because the LED light therapy bed boost cell turn over, increasing circulation and delivery of nutrients to cells and eliminating waste products. And this will increase collagen and elastin production. Two vital proteins needed for you to look younger, longer. Many of my celebrity clients claim that these is their favorite preventative beauty secret for keeping and maintaining flawless skin. As it helps them tackle the aging progress which literally slows down for them. LED light therapy is not a new technology but it is in fact over 100 years old since it was first discovered. However, it is only recently that many in the spa and skin care industry have paid much attention to it. It is clear why in this summary. It rejuvenates the skin, for a radiant youthful glow. But the best part of it is that it non-invasive and anyone can do it regardless of their age as it will prevent all the above from happening or slow it down drastically.]>>