How to Love Your Skin

How to Love Your Skin

My professional tip to help you love your skin, no matter what challenges are presenting themselves today, is to look in the mirror. Now, tell yourself three things you like about yourself. Three things about you that you really really love. Doing this daily will improve our mindset, and ultimately bring out our inner glow. You’ve got this, glow-getter! Let's take a deep dive into healthy habits to boost your glow and to help you love your skin. 

Healthy habits to boost your glow!

Self-love should be your number one goal in your life. Self-love comes with loving everything about yourself and that includes your skin. We have a few tips to help you boost your glow from the inside out:

Tip 1: Exercise

I’m sure you're aware that regular exercise is vital for your health and well-being---both in the short term and as you grow older. But did you know exercise can also improve the appearance of your skin? Anyone who’s ever been active can tell you that even though a good workout can be tough, after it’s over, you immediately feel more vibrant and alive. It’s an overall good, happy, accomplished feeling. 

Tip 2: Stress Management 

This might be no surprise, but stress is bad for you. It can lead to everything from headaches to heart problems to diabetes, and it can wreak havoc on your complexion. Reducing stress in your life is easier said than done, much of the time, but I'm firmly of the opinion that if you add even one or two stress-relieving activities to your life every day, you’re going to feel (and look!) much better. 

Tip 3: Sleep 

We’ve all heard the term “beauty sleep,” but many of my clients don't fully understand how accurate it is. Getting an adequate amount of restorative sleep on a nightly basis is an essential part of your long-term health and your beauty routine. Not getting enough sleep will cause you to feel slow, cranky, and scattered throughout the day. Not getting enough shut-eye is associated with an increased risk of memory loss, irritability, and depression. Sleep is the time during which your body restores itself, renewing cells, tissues, and toxins. 

Tip 4: Attitude 

Your attractiveness lies in who you fundamentally are, how you feel about yourself, and how you treat others. Beauty is not skin deep. Your attitude and actions are written in every line on your face. True beauty comes from within. Maintaining strong human connection is another way to boost your mental health. 

So, please, remember that beauty isn't found in the mirror, an Instagram post, or a jar. True beauty is the action you take in your life, the friends you make, and how you express yourself. Love yourself and others; it will make you and the world more beautiful.