How to Incorporate Your Eden Serum Into Your Daily Routine

How to Incorporate Your Eden Serum Into Your Daily Routine

We are super excited about our new Eden Rejuvenating Pro Serum! This serum is a plant powered serum that harnesses the power of vegan stem cells to turn back signs of aging and enhance vitality, while providing long-term youthful benefits. Naturally sourced plant oils and extracts plump skin on contact, visibility improve radiance and minimize the appearance of fine lines, dullness, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, and the full spectrum signs of aging. 

This serum is perfect for AM and PM use. It can be layered with all other Joanna Vargas Skin Care products for a boost of spa-grade skin perfection. The big question is how do you incorporate our new Eden Rejuvenating Pro Serum into your daily skincare routine? Here is how:

Start by washing your face with our Vitamin C Face Wash. Then apply our Eden Rejuvenating Pro Serum. This serum is a water-based serum which absorbs right into your skin. After applying your first serum you can then layer your other favorite serums on top. You don’t need to replace your current serum with the Eden Rejuvenating Pro Serum, just layer it! We suggest layering our Rescue Serum on top. Our Rescue Serum is oil based with a punch of Vitamin C, and will leave your skin feeling hydrated all day. Follow your Rescue Serum with our Revitalizing Eye Cream, and lastly apply our Eden Hydrating Pro Moisturizer

“I’m amazed by the age-defying power of Swiss Apple Stem Cells.” - Joanna Vargas. 

Use this serum daily under the Eden Pro Hydrating Moisturizer for radiance that rivals the most advanced spa treatments. At night, apply it after the Super Nova Serum and see visible changes in no time.