How to Get Rid of BACNE (Back Acne)

How to Get Rid of BACNE (Back Acne)
Pores and hair follicles on the back can trap sweat and bacteria, causing back-breakouts. Here’s how you can prevent or treat an existing breakout:
  1. Shower immediately after working out and always wear clean clothes to your next fitness session. This will help prevent sweat and debris from seeping into your back pores.
  2. Clean your sheets. Whether it is noticeable or not, everyone sweats when they sleep. After a week or two, if you don’t slumber with a shirt on, you will be rolling around in dead skin cells and old sweat, sending it all back into your pores. So if back acne is a problem, clean your sheets more regularly. Keep in mind that you are also sure to use fragrance free detergent. Sometimes fragrance and other additives can irritate sensitive skin.
  3. Try the Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar combined with an exfoliating back scrubber. The skin on your back can handle deeper exfoliation then the skin on your face because it is thicker and less sensitive. Use a dry brush or loofah scrubber to enhance skin circulation, and help with back acne and acne scarring. Meanwhile, our potent Miracle Bar will seal the deal to heal with activated charcoal that will help wash away impurities and toxins, helping to relieve acne. Charcoal has the power to detoxify your whole face and body.
Want to kick-start the bye-bye-bacne process? Come in to the Joanna Vargas Skincare Spa Oasis for full-body microdermabrasion. Not only is it a youthful, rejuvenating dream for your skin, but it will also treat back acne by cleaning clogged pores and washing away impurities, bacteria and brighten your look. Additionally, it will assist in lightening acne scarring. Plus, here are Six Acne Fighting Foods. Pop these instead of pimples:
  1. Tomatoes: Their powerful antioxidant properties are acne’s worst enemy.
  2. Salmon: Loaded with Omega-3s, this delicious fish will help with inflammation and contribute to good mental health and weight management too.
  3. Green Tea- More acne-fighting antioxidants!
  4. Water - What else is new, right? Pretty much whenever we talk about great skin, we talk about this simple thing that we so often forget to drink enough of. As it pertains to back acne, dehydration can slow down the process of acne treatments and acne healing in general. As usual, bottoms up!
  5. Pumpkin Seeds: These delicious seeds contain zinc which is known to reduce the production of sebum, the root cause of acne. FYI- our Daily Hydrating Cream also contains zinc!
  6. Carrots: This veggie will help reduce acne and soothe blemishes by calming inflammation.
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