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How To Eliminate Dry Skin

How To Eliminate Dry Skin
for the care of dry skin and to achieve soft and supple skin. 1) Drink plenty of water as it will keep your skin hydrated, soft and supple. Water is essential to detoxing and carrying nutrients to your skin. How do you know you are getting enough? Take your total weight, divide it by 2 to get the number of ounces of water you need to drink daily. Even minimal dehydration can leave your skin looking dry and dull. 2) The reason some people have itchy, scaly skin and even hair loss is due to a deficiency in biotin (a B vitamin). Eat foods rich in biotin like bananas, eggs, oatmeal and brown rice. Other foods that helps eliminate dry skin are foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon and almonds. These are especially good for your skin. Your skin is your body's largest organ and it responds favorably to adequate amounts of water and the nutritious foods you eat. 3) Moisturize your skin daily and specially after you have washed or exfoliated. Doing so will immediately create a protective barrier for your skin and prevent needed moisture from evaporating. A simple trick is to apply a facial or body moisturizer while your skin is still slightly damp as this will help your skin seal in the moisture, and keep it soft for hours. I recommend my moisturizer, the Daily Hydrating Cream, as it has cocoa butter. This is an all-natural plant fat that melts at skin temperature, making it easy for the skin to absorb it without having a greasy feeling to it. It will moisturize your skin and make it healthier at the same time. Presently my moisturizer is not available online so just call the salon to order yours today. Dry skin can be handle, in my personal opinion, with nutrition and by using products that don't contain harsh chemicals. If you are not sure on how to proceed consult the appropriate professional in each case. And as always, I look forward to seeing you at the salon, where you will be dazzled by how great your skin looks. Call for your appointments NOW at 212.949.2350 and if you are a first time client GET $50 OFF. Sincerely, JOANNA VARGAS Joanna Vargas Skin Care ]>>

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