How Does Wheatgrass Improve Your Complexion?

Wheatgrass Improve Your Complexion Detoxifies your Body and Skin… Wheatgrass offers a potent natural detox to remove toxins from your body and skin. As impurities are flushed from the system, balanced blood circulation occurs for improved performance internally and externally. With improved circulation cell regeneration is stimulated, slowing the aging process for healthier appearance of skin overall. A Healing Plant Wheatgrass is understood to be a superior form of chlorophyll, for internal and external use, that offers over 100 elements essential to optimal health. Organic varieties absorb 90 % of the 102 minerals present in soil. The lush green grass is both antibacterial and antiseptic expediting the healing process of bodily organs including the largest of them: your skin. According to the American Journal of Surgery (1940), the chlorophyll content in Wheatgrass repairs damaged epidermal tissue, inhibits acne breakouts, and diminishes blemishes and scars when included as part of a balanced diet. Ingesting wheatgrass on a regular basis actually clears up symptoms associated with eczema and psoriasis as it cleanses the body throughout. Some other Wheatgrass benefits to consider: Wheatgrass is high in antioxidants preventing damage from free radicals including environmental toxins and UV exposure. Antioxidants are known to be anti-aging as they repair or prevent skin damage. It can be taken as supplement in powder, capsule or juice form and it can be topically used to treat skin for a more radiant complexion. This grass of the cereal family is known to help eliminate odors as it detoxifies the body and skin. As a “Superfood,” Wheatgrass performs with concentrated intensity compared to other vegetables. Wheatgrass facial for improved complexion: your skin will absorb innumerable vitamins A, C and E, all essential vitamins that are the mainstay of many skin care products, nutrients and minerals that will feed your skin. With that last point in mind: the next time you step out for an organic Wheatgrass juice, save some of the contents for your next revitalizing home facial. Mix the juice with either organic egg whites (for oily skin) or egg yolk (for dry skin). Apply the mixture to cleansed face for 20 minutes and rinse. With the multitude of benefits offered in Wheatgrass, you will rediscover nourished skin with refined radiance. Buy the Joanna Vargas skin care line as they will give you your best skin yet and if you live or are in New York City come in for any one of her facials that go beyond mere extractions and massage. Your skin will be radiant and healthy. Call NOW for your appointments and if you like us on Facebook you will get $50 off your first treatment.]>>