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How Does Penelope Cruz Achieve Natural Skin?

How Does Penelope Cruz Achieve Natural Skin?
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Penelope’s Hydrating Skincare routine… This lady has the loveliest olive skin that she cares for with devotion and ease. With a cleansing , that has the best skin care reviews I’m sure, Penelope gently exfoliates her skin for a polished complexion. She follows that up with a hydrating mask that helps her to get glowing skin and to diminish the visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. To reverse aging an eye cream is applied to her bedroom eyes, which helps to soften fine lines and crow’s feet for an enhanced youthful look. And the grand finale for Ms. Cruz is a daily moisturizer with SPF 15 protection from UV rays. Her sunscreen inhibits the onset of maturing skin induced by sun exposure, for flawless skin. What is the Mediterranean Diet? “I’m lucky to have a metabolism able to burn nearly everything,” says the petite actress. With that in mind, Penelope does have her bread, salt and olive oil cravings, but takes them in moderation. And don’t forget her favorite potato and egg omelets, known in Spain as tortilla. She balances this out with healthy servings of seasonal fruits and vegetables. The Mediterranean diet favors fish and poultry over red meat is favored by the World Health Organization as a supreme diet choice. Other things on Penelope’s menu… Yogurt and cheeses Olive oil as a cooking base Vegetable soups Paella (rice and fish dish in a tomato and saffron base) A glass of red wine with each evening meal This balanced diet, low in fat, gives a solution to the question, how do I get flawless skin? With olive oil’s healthy fat content to promote the softness of skin and the antibacterial elements of yogurt you can’t go wrong. Vegetables and fruits deliver essential vitamins and minerals to thoroughly nourish the body and skin. Red grapes in Penelope’s glass of wine offer vital antioxidants to protect skin from environmental factors such as damaging free radicals. The results are of course beautiful skin. Keeping Fit Penelope keeps her body toned and limber with a 45-60 minute daily workout that includes weight training, cardio exercise through aerobics, speed walking and jogging. To start off and end her exercise routine she loosens up with 15 stretch sessions. This lady keeps all eyes on her as she manages the Hollywood terrain with enviable grace and radiant elegance in career that is sure to have another climax on the near horizon.>>>

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