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How A Man Should Pamper His Complexion

How A Man Should Pamper His Complexion
Celebrate the men’s shows by pampering your boo’s skin! My husband says he hates it, but I know he loves that I exfoliate his skin every day with Peter Thomas Roth pads because after he cringes he always goes wow I look so fresh! Literally this happens every morning. How A Man Should Pamper His Skin I also find that as much as men don’t want to admit it, they really do care about looking good and are just as influenced (for better or worse) when they see gorgeous models walking the runway. If your significant other is the kind of person who uses soap to clean himself from head to toe (like my husband who thinks it can be used as shampoo and a cleanser…), start him off slow. Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas suggests using a light hyaluronic acid gel serum to hydrate and deliver nutrients without clogging the pores. It’s important to remember, however, that men’s skin is much thicker and oilier than ours so it’s important to invest in products that absorb more readily into skin and ones that are made for oilier skin (the aforementioned serum will help with the absorption). To that end Shiffa’s Tri-Acid Radiance Peel is great for men because it will ensure that when they shave their razor has a clean shaving surface to avoid ingrown hairs and razor burn. If you can’t convince your man to use it as a mask just have them apply it as one would a cleanser. Lastly, as mentioned, men tend to have oiler skin so – especially if you’re with someone who is breakout-prone – opt for a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer like Dr. Gross’ Hydra-Pure or his Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion (I always force my husband to slather on one of these preemptively when he’s stressing at work and I feel like he’s going to breakout). Volition Beauty’s Oil-Control Mattifying Mist can also be used – not instead of a moisturizer, but to quickly rid oily skin of shine. It’s hard to convince most guys to care for their skin, but even if they act like babies about it, I always remind myself they secretly appreciate it… Image: Vogue]>>

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