Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month

Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month
From September 15 to October 15, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month and we honor the contributions of the Latinx and Hispanic communities, including our founder Joanna! 

“I have always said my love of the beauty industry came from my grandmother. My grandmother was the most loving, kind and glamorous person I have ever known. She loved to look good always, and everything about her look was very intentional. My earliest memories of her are of me doing her hair and makeup. Blue eyeshadow, rose colored blush and tons of perfume. She would always buy me perfume for my birthday. I’m pretty sure I was the only 7th grader with an array of lip gloss, bubble bath and beautiful glass bottles of french fragrance because of her. I dedicate my career to the woman who always taught me to love myself and the skin I’m in. I never knew my grandfather. He was long gone by the time my grandma and I did our glam together. But I often marvel at how much guts it took to come to a new country, not know anyone, and make a life for yourself and your family. My grandparents are my idols. The most beautiful people I know.” - Joanna

Celebrate with Joanna’s family taco recipe!

“The smell of these tacos is the smell of happy times in my life with my grandmother and my cousins. Bragging about how many you were going to eat while they were cooking, listening to my aunts laugh and talk while they cooked, and the unbearable wait to eat them while they cooled down are all a beautiful part of those memories.” - Joanna

Here's the recipe:
This will make 50+ tacos and they should be kept frozen if not eaten immediately. 

4-5 pork chops (boiled and chopped)* KEEP THE WATER FOR THE MASA!
4-5 lbs ground beef*
about half a jar of chopped olives con pimiento
about 2 tablespoons of capers
1 medium chopped onion
about 4 cloves of chopped garlic
about 16 oz of tomato sauce
2-3 envelopes of sazon con achiote
1 small chopped tomato
- Put it all in pot and cook that good stuff up over medium heat

5 lb bag of flour (plus addtl small bag for non-stick rolling usage)
about 2 tablespoons baking powder
about 1 tablespoon salt
water from boiled pork chops
- Mix dry ingredients
- Slowly add the water and mix by hand to a rollable dough consistency
- Mold it into snake form and cover with kitchen towel so it won't dry out
- Form balls larger than golf size, smaller than baseball
- Flatten into disc and roll away
- Heat (both sides) in frying pan til tortilla firms enough to roll up
- Take about a tablespoon of meat mixture, place on edge of tortilla, roll it up and secure with two flat toothpicks.
- Repeat repeat repeat
- Fry rolled tacos in heated oil til golden brown
- Drain on paper towels

2 large cans tomato sauce
2 large coarsely chopped onions
White vinegar (to taste)
Hot sauce (to taste)
Oil (to taste)
- Mix it all and taste - if you prefer more vinegary, add accordingly, if you like more picante, do it

*Impossible ground meat can be used as a pork & beef substitute. 
Buen provecho!