Holiday 2022 Spa Gift Guide

Holiday 2022 Spa Gift Guide

This holiday, give the gift of a luxury spa experience.

Check off your ever-growing list with our professional suggestions on the most giftable services and treatments at our LA and NYC locations.  Our spa gifts can be printed to gift physically or emailed to the recipient from our customer care team.  Everything is customizable, so we can create the gift of your dream for the special people in your life. 

For a digital nomad
The Jet-Setter Massage: A tension-relieving massage to improve circulation and ease pain and stiffness post-travel. $95

For a bride-to-be
SuperNova Facial: Designed for celebs pre-red carpet, give the gift of flawless skin before the big day. $325

For a fitness fan
LED Bed Sessions: proven to speed healing of skin and muscles up to 300% in a 20 minute private session. $150

For anyone needing a moment of zen
Gift Cards:  Let them choose which luxe treatment is right for them in the moment. $50 - $2000

Give gifts of joy and happiness with every Joanna Vargas treatment. Contact our locations below to curate your perfect gift. 

New York: / (212) 949-2350

Los Angeles: / (310) 424-5141